Sunday, December 29, 2013

Social Media - Celebs

So Twitter. It seems to be extremely popular in the social world these days and even though I've probably been a member since it started, I still can't quite grasp the full concept of the service. 
Just admitting this is probably making me look like a moron to whoever reads this but that's the great part about getting really don't worry so much about the little things and instead, care more about those whose opinions matter. 

But anyway, back to the social network. I do enjoy the fact that celebrities actually interact with others on the web and try to be "real". I'm no different than most people in the world. I enjoy watching television and movies. I also have actors/actresses I find talented and would enjoy interacting with them if possible but I'm no stalker, nor do I feel any obsession toward any specific person, celebrity or famous person. 
Occasionally however, thanks to these Social Network services, I sometimes decide to post a comment to one of them just to compliment work they've done or wish them well and I hate that I may possibly seen as pathetic or just another fan with no iiiickk!

So I always wonder if anyone has ever developed an actual friendship with a celeb through a brief innocent note or comment. Or are all famous people paranoid and assume the worst of any contact they recieve from a stranger. Such as, they only want to get close because I'm famous or some other weird agenda. It seems sad but I understand in ways.

Anyway, these are the strange thoughts that flow through my mind.....and now I shall go LoL!