Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Blah

Feeling strange lately....thinking or worrying about things that are probably unreasonable in another persons mind....not like crazy things or anything like that, more "sad" than anything else. 
It's weird because I'm not usually in this frame of mind but times change I suppose. 
I miss people in my family but it doesn't matter really....I'm just putting it out there. I suppose this is actually one of those "Restless Rambling" things? 

My baby is still away. I miss him and wish he would be good for everyone there but I won't hold my breath. There really is no help out there for kids like him.....believe me, I've looked. It's kinda sad and makes me a little angry with this "nobody worry until something serious happens" world.
I hate when I feel like crying for no reason... I can be such a girl....ugh!