Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chat Rooms?

Chat rooms are a thing of the past I guess? I miss being able to get online any time of day, especially when u can't sleep at night and always being able to find someone to chat with. It was like you never had to be alone. AOL wasn't the greatest but they were one of the first and had tons of themed chat rooms filled with people all the time. It was my night time best friend since I always had trouble sleeping.
Now the only chat available is on things like Facebook and only with people you already know. Not that there is anything wrong with that but something about random strangers you'll never speak to again, is fun.

I found a few apps for the iPad/iPhone that are for chatting with people and making new friends I guess but I'm not having much luck and they always seem more for dating than just chatting. I've recently installed and joined "Badoo" because it seemed like it was aimed toward more "friendly" chatting but after using it a few days, I may be wrong.
It has apps for iOS and Android so that's cool but I didn't like that it wanted a location from me even though I stated that I was only looking to chat not meet anyone. It also doesn't require very much info to join, which is great for people like me but for those wanting to date...ummmm.... I don't know.
I'm not sure but it also may require money for any real use so that makes it almost pointless, but I haven't used it that much so I'm unclear. Why does everything require memberships these days? What happened to all the free chat areas where you could go just to chat or find others with common interests like AOL, Yahoo...etc...??? Now everywhere wants you to pay to even say hello to someone. It's really sad.
I was under the impression that the internet, along with the whole social network thing was intended to bring people closer and make it easier to meet people all over the world....AND IT DID for me at one point... but it seems that somewhere along the line they disappeared, and it was decided that free chat sites/rooms were unnecessary and unwanted (in spite of the consistently FULL chat rooms hosted on AOL and other sites I experienced) and no one needs them anymore or something.
I actually enjoyed chatting with whoever I ran into online just to kill some time or because I was bored. I liked that it was always available day or night to everyone without some financial commitment (other than the standard charges for Internet access of course). It was like having a place to go without going anywhere and being able to find decent conversation (human interaction) whenever you wanted it.... Even at 3 o'clock in the morning when you couldn't sleep, which was one of my favorite things about it all since I'm an insomniac.
I admit to being a night owl and often prefer night time for things like writing, but I have also had many nights awake and restless with nothing to do except count the minutes till morning alone since everyone else was, as they should be, sleeping. I hated these nights and unfortunately, I had more than my share of these long nights alone but then came the Internet along with an end to these boring times alone. I found chat rooms and thought they were just cool. There were endless rooms filled with people just talking about anything and everything, ALL THE TIME!!! I didn't think much of it and had only been in chat during the day until I had one of my restless nights. After an hour of my usual tossing and turning, I decided to turn on my computer for the heck of it but really didn't expect anyone to be on since it was late....and then I realized, this wasn't limited to my part of the world. The web was open to the EVERYONE (in all different time zones!) and sure enough, there were people in the chat rooms talking! Granted it wasn't packed full like in the daytime but it wasn't empty. I got so excited and chatted away! This became my new routine and I never had to sit up all night alone again. There was ALWAYS someone to talk to and I would actually get tired and sleep easier, knowing I had someone there if I couldn't.
Now if you want to chat, you have to join a service and pay for the option. However, most people on these services are there to find a date or talk dirty which is not what I want. I've tried finding chat sites online but  the few I ran across that didn't require payment were either deserted or full of perverts, NOTHING like it used to be. Was I the only one that actually appreciated these places before and miss them???  I can't be! Am I the only one that thinks they should be free also??? I can understand charging for dating sites but why take away regular chat??? I just don't get it but maybe I've missed something.
Oh well, anyway,.....
I posted links to the Badoo site below if you wanna try but don't expect much.....and I'll remain hopeful that the cool chat rooms I miss will make a comeback someday. I won't hold my breath but I will keep the faith..... until then....I'll have my memories :-)

Click icon below to go to Badoo Website (should open in separate window).