Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why Record Shows???

When I first got a recorder (or DVR I think it's called) with my cable service, I was ecstatic to say the least! It was like a new toy opening up the world of missed shows for me LOL! I loved being able to just schedule shows to record any new episodes of any show I liked. It was even better when I would forget about a show and then get an awesome surprise when I looked in my recorded shows to find that my DVR did not forget and there it was!

I'm sure everyone knows all the great things this service has brought to us over the years so I won't go on about that anymore. I've been using this for a few years and it baffles me how something so cool and full of features, cannot seem to fix the one thing that drives me (and I'm sure others) insanely crazy!!!!

Why do 98% of the shows I record, STOP BEFORE IT ENDS, thus cutting off the last few seconds or so of almost every damn show?!?!?! I'm being generous saying 98%.

That is the worst thing to do to someone's shows! Even worse if its a MOVIE that gets cut off since that's usually one of the most important parts. Luckily that doesn't happen very often with movies thanks to the long credits they play at the end which most people turn off anyway BUT regular TV show programs in specific time slots are always getting the axe! If I am only recording one show, I just make sure I manually record for an extra minute or two but if its a row of shows one after the other that's a different story.

My cable only allows me to record 2 shows at once so if I want to record 2 different channels at the same time, I cannot extend each show on the one channel or else it will count that one minute at the end of one show along with the first minute of the next show as TWO recordings and because of that one lousy minute, my other channel will either make me choose a channel or just not record the channel at all. So in that case, I have to just record all 30min shows from 8pm to 9, 10 or whenever as ONE long show. This way I miss nothing in between shows and can record another channel at the same time, you see?
Yeah that was probably way more confusing than it could have been but so what....this is basically a rant (me venting) so normal rules shouldn't apply lol.

Anyway, for those who are able to follow my craziness, or even care (lol), I don't like these "workarounds" at all.

I also have a limit to how much space can be used to record so I like to watch my shows as soon as I can and erase them to free space right away so I never have to worry if something unexpected comes on that I'd like to record. I have what seems like a lot of space but it can fill up quickly if you get behind on watching what you taped and then you end up having to delete shows you haven't watched because you need to record something new (I hate that too).

So yeah, recording a bunch of shows as one big block is great for making sure u catch the end of each show but the other problem I can't erase each 30min show as I watch and gradually gain space back because its all one I have to either watch all the shows at once, which I can't always do, or just wait and hope I don't need any extra space soon while 2 hours of space is being held because I haven't seen 1/4 of it yet. This also pisses me off cuz it reminds me AGAIN about the stupid DVR or whoever people who, instead of helping customers by fixing something they have been aware of for many years now, prefer to annoy us with unnecessary updates they say are improving things, but have never done anything but make things worse IMO!
Seriously, Is this really this difficult to fix?
I'm not familiar in any way with the requirements needed to create or repair equipment like this so I can only say what I think or feel and... In my mind, it just seems funny because the device/service technically only has one real thing it is required to do and was created I would think its main goal would be to RECORD SHOWS so we can watch them later or at least that is the impression I had when first hearing a DVR.
I NEVER heard it advertised as something that MIGHT record the ENTIRE SHOW you program it to record..... and if that was the case, then why get a DVR? So you have a shot at watching stuff or most of it anyway? That's like someone selling audio recorders to singers and saying "Here buy this! You MIGHT be able to record songs on it but not the end. ...WHAT.!?!
Is that the benefit of this thing? LOL I just thought of what it might sound like if it was advertised the way it actually works and its something like this.....

DVR Ad: "Remember all the shows you could never watch if you weren't around??? Well now theres the "DVR" to record those programs and see 95% of them now (percentage not guaranteed)
BUT WAIT....there's more! In some cases you'll actually get the ENTIRE show! Many people have been able to get all the shows they want with a simple workaround (but again, we cannot guarantee this). SOUND GREAT???
GREAT! For only $9.99/month this service can be yours! Call Now!" (Have your credit card ready!).

Haha I didn't even think about the fact that we PAY for this!!! LoL oMG!
Okay that whole ad thing was funnier in my head than whats written, as with other things I think about, since I'm occasionally caught laughing by myself at things that run through my head out of the blue that I KNOW are not as funny as I act like it is lol.....but that's another post for another day (or not... lol)......moving on.....

Okay I'm sorry I went on so long.. ..I really did think this would be short...hehe...S O W W Y!
And THANK YOU for reading! This rant was brought to you by a crazy irritated girl on the Internet :-) ❤