Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About Show Links Posted

I added a few links to some of my favorite shows but it's an incomplete list for now.
My ABSOLUTE FAVS though are "The Following" and "The Walking Dead" as far as shows that REALLY excite me and make me hate when they end. These two are not for the faint of heart though.
The Following is about a cult of followers with the leader being a serial killer/writer and its very graphic.
The Walking Dead is about survivors of a Zombie apocalypse and the effect are AMAZING, But again, very graphic and since they are trying to survive, it addresses a lot of situations that would be absolutely sick in the normal world. Imagine a world with no rules or laws and you could cross paths with anyone. Humans are sometimes scarier than the zombies.

Both deal with lots of violence and adult themes that might upset some people so if you get shocked easily then maybe look elsewhere.

I absolutely LOVE these shows though because they get me excited when they are on, keep me entertained, sometimes severely shocked, and sad when they end cuz it feels like forever till the next episode. That's what I like and it's not easy to find for me.

A few others not mentioned yet that I like are:

The Originals & Vampire Diaries on the CW channel which are both in the Vampire category.
True Blood was mentioned but its also vampire related but on HBO so much more sexual situations, gore and adult situations.

American Horror Story on FX is going on its 4th season and the story/theme changes each season so it's unknown what http://www.nbc.com/the-blacklist will be about yet.

Season 1 was about a family living in a house that traps whoever dies there as a ghost. Lots of great stories!
Season 2 was about an insane assylum with sick, twisted doctors and a satanic, evil vibe. My least fav season.
Season 3 was about a coven of witches (mostly teen girls) living in a bording house/school who each have specific powers. Kathy Bates was in this one and was great. They all star Jessica Lange so far and I loved all of them except the assylum one. They are on Netflix and Season 4 should be coming I hope!

Reign which is a period drama also on CW about Queen Mary of Scotland. I just started this so I'm a bit behind but it caught my interest one night. It stays somewhat true to history with lotsa romance, backstabbing and drama to spice it up.

Bates Motel on AMC is about Norman Bates as a teen before he became the famous serial killer in the Psycho movies. If you like back stories to famous movies and you liked Psycho, then you'll love this.


Big Bang Theory (CBS), New Girl (FOX), The Mindy Project (FOX),
The Millers (CBS), Mom (CBS), Neighbors (ABC), Subergatory (FOX),
Modern Family (ABC), The Middle (ABC), Mixology (ABC?)
Just to name a few worth a look.

Well this is just a small post to mention a few. I have more but I already look pathetic for watching so much TV, which I actually just record until I can get to it cuz I hate commercials but top two mentioned are the only ones I watch right away lol.

Ok Ta-Ta for now :-)