Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mind-Body Thoughts

 Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming and if I could just wake myself up, everything would....well,,, not be perfect but more like, just "make sense" a lot more. This, in turn would most likely make things better or easier maybe? I wouldn't feel so, ummm, not "lost" exactly....more like I feel not so "in-control" but not completely out of control I suppose. Confusing??? Yeah that's exactly how I feel trying to explain or write what I'm trying to say here....I apologize for that.
I just feel like I've been so unorganized lately and my future is extremely unclear. It's hard cuz it's the complete opposite of who I really am. I've always had to know what I was doing (with a few exceptions of course) and tried to make things as easy as possible in my life by always thinking ahead a bit. I liked having control of things but now I feel like I've compromised so much over the years that I never even realized how much I was letting go of and I hate that the most I think (maybe?).
I wonder about the mind-body connection A LOT and read about it a lot. I like how they say our mind actually creates what we see as our body and any problems with it. It makes sense to me. I've always been bothered by the fact that we have this huge brain, yet use so little of it?!?! It makes no sense to me....our bodies are so amazing and complicated but we've learned that everything has a purpose. We shouldn't have "extra" parts. I have always kept it to myself but I seriously believe we have much more power than we are raised to believe. I also believe what they say about us creating our own problems. Like a man I read about was told by doctors that he had cancer and only had a few weeks to live. He dies within the timeframe given to him and after an autopsy they find out he never had cancer or anything yet he believed it and his body followed what his mind told it to. There have been many, many, many more stories like this and vice versa. Like a person healing in curable things because they believed they had been healed.
I think we all have this ability but it is just incredibly difficult to re-train our minds to change things we've believed for so long.
Like those people who seem to develop any illness they hear of and other things. I've read A LOT on these things and learned that it isn't our faults that we can't overcome things because I just think it takes A LOT of patience and control...along with the ability to believe in something that we've been taught is impossible and do it without a shred of doubt. That's not just difficult, but for most of us, impossibly difficult.
I wish I had the answers. It kills me to not be able to reach deep enough into my subconscious to change things and erase all doubt. I feel like I believe but obviously, part of me doesn't so I cannot proceed without cooperation from my "entire self"....and I don't know how to get it.
Ahh well.....just another one of those things that occupies my thoughts often and frustrates me in so many ways. Worst of all, I don't understand why it bothers me so much. :::sigh::::
Brought to you by maybe at least 1% of my crazy brain most likely....lol