Sunday, May 18, 2014

LUV Shopping

Found this site (iPad/iPhone app) that you can shop on. Basically it's a social shopping site if that makes sense.
You can keep track of items you like and create a catalog of your favorite things. I use the app on my iPad/iPhone but I think you can shop from the website too. They have a huge catalog of stuff listed by other users that you can follow and add things to your own list. If you find something cool on the web, you can save it to your page by just emailing link to with a link, photo and description. I found lotsa cool stuff already on the site though. Things I've never seen before and you can buy it right there. You can also earn credit to use toward purchases and link to your Facebook, Twitter, Google or just sign up with your email. I really think its fun so far.
So thats about it. If you like social services like Pinterest (is that right? LoL), then you'll probably like this.
I like it so I thought I'd share.
If you decide to join, then check out my page here and add me, follow me, whatever :-)
For more info, check out the FAQ page here: or click image below to download iPhone/iPad app from AppStore.
Above link will open AppStore page

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