Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nothing New....

Not much going on with me unfortunately....I wish my life were more interesting but its not these days....I'm  okay with that though...for the most part anyway. 

My "baby" just turned 12 and I love his birthdays but can't help but feel "old" during each celebration lol. Next year I will officially have a teenager....YIKES!!! 

He doesn't want parties or anything like that so we took him out instead. Dinner and a gift. I guess I should be thankful for not having to do all the party planning type stuff and be happy he just wants to spend time with his parents but sometimes I worry about his ADHD and how things will affect him in the long run....I can't help it, I'm a mom.....but it would be nice to know others dealing with the same issues.

Oh we'll, enough for now.

Summer is coming and all my favorite shows are ending so I surprisingly have A LOT of free time.... Sad. Isn't it? LoL.....TV is evil! Heh heh.