Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pretty Bottled Water

Received the "Crystal Glacier Water" from Alaska that I ordered a week or so ago. Spent $20 on a single bottle of water.....Why? Because it looked cool lol.
On the website they show a blue bottle so when I received mine I was surprised to see a clear frosted looking bottle. Then we turned the light on (yep it lights up! Hehe) and it lit up a pretty glowing blue color. I like it.

The only thing that didn't make sense was the pricing.

I paid $20 for one bottle (which includes shipping), but if u buy the 2 bottle pack it's $70.....WTF??? 
Why wouldn't we just order the 1 bottle twice for $40 instead??? It keep going up in price as u add more bottles. I don't get it but oh well.

If u want your own bottle, I ordered mine from the website here: 

Crystal Glacier Water 

Photo with light ON (left) and light OFF (right)