Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer, Summer, Summer

     So I'm trying to get ready for our usual summer trip with the "in-laws" but no matter how much I try to prepare, the running around like a chicken without a head on is unavoidable the day OF and we are always late because of it.
As usual, I'll be avoiding sun exposure. I've become paranoid ever since my "cute summer freckles" decided to become "all-year-round" and freckles that are not so "cute" and got even better by multiplying each and every tanning season. I worried about skin cancer, ugly moles that needed to be removed and so on........ but I miss being tan!!! Despite all the health risks and stuff, I actually looked healthiest whenever I was tan and unfortunately makeup can't even come close to creating the glow and color you achieve from just the sun..... I've also tried tanning beds way back when but even that never looked the same and it really isn't much better for your skin so what's the point. 
     So this year I did some research and decided to try spray tanning! Everyone seems to be doing it these days and it looks pretty damn good on everyone I've seen so why not
     While looking, not only did I find a spray tanning place but they are MOBILE also! So I can have it done in the privacy of my house, which I love. How awesome is that??? They are in my area too! It just gets better and better. Of course I'm a little nervous cuz I've never done it before and I have pretty dry skin so I use lots of moisturizer and I heard the spray doesn't take well to dry skin so I will need to exfoliate. I'm hoping that will be good enough. :::::shrug:::::: 
     I was also thinking....My face is a little uneven toned so I need concealer to even out the few areas that are uneven. Summer tanning used to make my face look great and I loved that I never had to use any makeup all summer or however long my tan lasted (sometimes way into Sept). 
So if spray tanning has the same effect or similiar then I'll be able to ditch the makeup once again and I would be in heaven. :::::::crossing fingers::::::: but we'll see.
Anyway, that's all for now. Summer is my favortite time of the year but I hate getting older and having to watch everything I do......don't eat too much, don't get too much sun, don't eat too much junk food, etc.. etc...etc.... Thankfully I don't require too much "maintenance" for a female but others may think I could use a bit more and I'm just kidding myself lol I don't know..... I really need to make more (girl)friends so I can get honest answers/opinions to these kind of thoughts or questions. I could use someone who knows more about style than I do. 

Ta-Ta for Now :-) 

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