Friday, February 27, 2015

BlogTouch Pro (For Blogger) Semi-Review

I've always been interested in blogging and so finding iOS apps for my iPad that enhanced or eased the blogging process was of course a slight obsession and I tried out and/or purchased more than a few blogging apps. I had/have blogs on almost every blog host out there so most blog apps available were a possibility or of interest to me.
Unfortunately, and surprisingly, writing and blogging didn't seem popular with the current app developers at the time, so I downloaded or purchased the most popular ones.

For blogging, I've mainly used but Wordpress has been getting my attention lately and as an almost, maybe slightly OBSESSED app lover, my app hunts have focused a bit more on blogging apps (mainly Wordpress) in the last few weeks.
   Anyway, one app I got was (is) an app for users called  "BlogTouch Pro" (Blogspot Blogger
  by Alexandru Denca which I'm using to post this right now.

When I first got it, it wasn't good, wasn't bad...didn't stand out over other similar apps and I used it the least of all my other blogging apps. I remember it crashing a lot and didn't have many features and options. Basically it just didn't make me WANT to use it. 
Honestly, this is the first time in awhile that I've used it and the reason for that is because I'm now attempting to find a decent Wordpress app and while browsing the web/AppStore, I discovered that the developer of the app I'm using to write this, offers a similar app for Wordpress blogs.... It's called BlogTouch Pro (Wordpress version).    
Just like this one, it offers a free version to try but, I can never get a true sense of an app or its use without full access and (from AppStore buying info) it's price of  $2.99 is more than reasonable, but I've just been disappointed more often than not with my AppStore purchases and left me feeling extremely mislead. So even a $0.99 app can hurt your pocket when repeated many times for years and years. I've owned an apple gadget and built a big enough app collection to have learned to be more careful with my purchasing decisions. 
So, no more "Oh it's only a dollar so why not?" app purchases that were either unnecessary or disappointing. Well, not many anyway lol...sometimes ya just can't help the occasional easy, silly, careless purchase lol. However, serious apps I know I'll use often and really want to work well, I will put more thought into and try to research as much as possible.
 The best way I can think of for this app right now, is by trying out the hopefully very similar pro version I already own and giving it another chance by really trying it out and this is it.
Okay, to be's been a few years and many iOS system updates later since I first got this app.....and to be fair again, like many other apps, this one has also gone through lots of updates, added features and improvements over time. So it is a different app in many ways now than when I first tried it.....and that's a good thing. Least thing is icon appearance (not absolutely positive but it seems like a nicer looking icon) and overall it looks more professional and feature rich. 
It has all the options needed to write a blog post in my opinion such as customizing alignment, font size and the bold, italic and underlining choices to emphasize text. Add links and images. Along with most things you may need to customize your posts the way you desire. I really like how it aligns the text around images also.
The only thing I'd like to see, which really isn't a big deal but I'd like more fonts and color options. Also I don't think there is a background color option which may be nice since my blogs are usually black while this app only shows a white background. Like I said though, these are minor things and the app does have all the essentials. I'm not sure it's enough to make me purchase the Wordpress version though. A real full pro version trial would be great but maybe not needed. 
For those just wanting a simple blogging app then this is pretty good. It's very user friendly for those not so great with technology.
Please keep in mind that I'm only going by what I HAVE and that's the BlogTouch Pro for version. 
I DO NOT OWN the Wordpress version but from the free one, it seems pretty similiar so make your own choice. 
I posted links to the free versions of BlogTouch below:
They are the AppStore links to each app.
In Conclusion.....
These are great apps for many people. They do what they are supposed to do and if you want an easy way to post to a blog? Then this app is perfect! 
Who knows, I may end up coming back and purchasing the Wordpress version after all, but for now, I'll continue poking around and testing every app I get my hands on until then. I'll try and post any apps I find interesting, fun or even not so great because I love apps. I love trying new apps and I love sharing cool apps with others. 
So stay tuned!!!