Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The 100

Had to get the TV junkie side of me out, so here goes. 

It's a show on CW called "The 100" and its in season 2 ...great show, mainly about life beginning again on our once inhabitable planet and seeing if people can survive on it once again....but it's so much more. I wasn't planning on watching it but became hooked instantly and DVR every episode. These are just my thoughts on last nights episode 2/25/2015.


Just watched "The 100" on my dvr and I'm so that show and was really hoping Lexa and Clarke "hooked up". Finally, it's beginning....hopefully it continues. 

Their kiss was beautiful and I love how even though Clarke is still grieving Finn, she still gave in to the kiss and you could see that she has feelings for Lexa as well. I understand that she's still grieving, which is why she finally stopped the kiss but it definitely wasn't right away. She's just conflicted in my opinion.

She also said "not yet" to a relationship with Lexa, she didn't say never. That's good enough for me!!! 


Although I read something about her (Lexa) moving on to other projects as an actress and I'm hoping that doesn't mean she's leaving "The 100".... Nooooo please don't kill her! Aaackkk!! LoL