Thursday, February 19, 2015

Twitter Apps I Tried (iPad)

So I've been searching for a Twitter app to use on my iPad with no luck and I'd like to share what I've tried so far. I wasn't extremely detailed but may elaborate in my follow up post. 

First, The basic Twitter app of course. It is alright but very, very basic. Can't say I'm surprised though. It does what it needs. Allows you to read and post tweets.....and it's free!

  Tweetcaster (@OneLouderApps) which isn't bad except it doesn't seem to have an option for longer tweets like some others do. It's free though and I like that it has a dark version for appearance but I really want something that can either provide a service for longer tweets or split them up.
Tweetcaster Pro however, does provide the service I am looking for. The ability to post long tweets with Twitlonger...etc... But is it worth $4.99 for one extra thing on one account? Not in my opinion.

 Twitterrific is next (@twitterrific). Again I love the dark appearance and it offers a free version with a few options you could pay for like "tweet translation", "push notification" and others but again, no option for dealing with tweets that may be longer than usual (even with the advanced features). So moving on.

 Hootsuite seems okay. It's a pay app so I'm not completely sure but I see no option for appearance or long tweets and I haven't seen a light version to really try it out so that is that.

 Tweetglass for iPad (@tweetglassapp) ok it has the dark appearance but I see nothing else really special about it. I can't even find it in the AppStore. I tried it on someone else's iPad. 

 Tweetbot for Twitter (@tweetbot) $2.99 couldn't even get this one running and I am using the latest iOS system with a fairly new iPad so not much to say here except I would exclude this one from any list of Twitter apps. 

 Echofon (@echofon) Now this app seems pretty cool! Has everything I want plus the option to change themes to several different colors including black. Also it automatically posts my long tweets without annoying me with questions just gets it done LOL! The Pro version may be worth the $4.99 but I'm not sure.

 Tweetings for Twitter (@tweetings) $2.99 at the AppStore and I have to say I am quite impressed. It has a lot of really great features for making your Twitter experience very personalized and the $2.99 price tag is a huge advantage in my opinion and is most likely what will sway me toward this app over Echofon.

So that's all I have right now and in my opinion the winner is Tweetings for Twitter. It looks great on my iPad, has more than enough features for my needs and the price is just a little bit better than my other choice Echofon. However both apps are great so far and if money is no object than either one would be great on the iPad. 

I will report back in a few weeks, after really trying the apps and give my final opinion. I may even add new apps if I get the opportunity to use any that were not mentioned here. 
Hope this helps.