Saturday, February 7, 2015

Updating My iPad!

Just venting 😊


I finally updated my iPad 4 and if you knew me at all, you'd know how huge that is! I've had 4 or so iPhones but this is only my 2nd iPad and my 1st screwed me. It took me forever to jump on the iPad bandwagon cuz I didn't see the need for a huge version of my iPhone & the cost was astronomical in my opinion, as with most Apple products. I always thought the iPad seemed too big but now, for some things, my iPhone was feeling a bit small.......Then came the iPad Mini!!! Like they heard my thoughts and made it just for me.


Apple was constantly coming out with amazing apps for pretty much everything now and I was hooked! I started to really love playing games which always made me wonder how much better it with look if it was bigger.......and my app collection was growing wayyyyy bigger than my iPhone storage space. 

The iPad mini seemed to answer more than I cared to admit. Not too big, but big enough to really enjoy these games I've gotten into and the price was "better". I held on though, Still not enough to push me into seriously considering it..


And said those magic words....... How about if I buy you one for Christmas this year? My excuses were all gone.


All I really knew who is that I wanted a lot of space so I decided to add some of my own money and get the 64gb wifi iPad Mini. Yeah still almost $700 but mom paid most of it so all was good. 


I loved it, I took care of it and my iPhone became, well......just a phone! Most apps went straight to my iPad now and I couldn't have been happier....... then came time to update! No big deal right? 

My warranty of course just expired and updating was......well......not so easy! 

The whole thing froze up and completely died! Worked fine before the update and now it was dead! Not on the fritz, DEAD! 

Needless to say I was extremely pissed off. Apple would not take the blame and the only help they offered was a replacement for $300!!! I didn't have that so that was it for me and my new iPad. I was now they're brand-new over a $700 paperweight. 


Needless to say, updates would always be Trumatic from now on. I finally ended up getting a new one a year or so later. A big one this time, and 128gb. I waited till they're very very last second and finally updated. Thankfully all went well. 

It still makes me mad though. I know it was their update that destroyed my first device but there was nothing I could do. If I hadn't invested so much money in Apple apps over the years, I would have NEVER EVER purchased another but whatever. 

I just updated to iOS 8.1.2 so let's hope that will be good for at least a year :::::crossing fingers::::: 



Ok little vent over :-)