Monday, March 30, 2015

Walking Dead is Over!!!

The Walking Dead had the season finale last night & I'm so depressed lol! I love that show and its funny cuz I'm really not a zombie movie lover but this show isn't really about "zombies" or "walkers" as the group calls them and that's what I love about it.
I love how it's more like a survival situation and seeing how people change depending on the situation and how far you'll go to survive. It's more relatable because we could all face something like's not impossible (survival situation not zombie thing lol). 
Anyway, I really didn't want Daryl to be gay but I can totally see it as a possibility. Aaron is the first person Daryl has been compatible and can relate to and they are setting it up for them to be out alone recruiting people all the time so he won't be with anyone else much. Plus Aaron is gay so they are already halfway there. Oh and Daryl already tried risking his life for Aaron. Sooooo hmmmmm! 
I look forward to the companion series "Fear The Walking Dead" and wondered if they will also have "Talking Dead" shown after that show? I asked on Twitter but we shall see.
Website for The Walking Dead
I loved this episode by the way lol.