Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scorpion TV Show Rant

This show is about a team of misfit geniuses who help the government with certain problems. I normally like shows about super smart or talented people and this show is no exception but I'm beginning to realize that I must suspend all belief in order to really enjoy this show. 
So I've done that and yes, it's better. 
However, I still have my pet peeves. Thankfully I have this blog for stuff like that :::::grin:::::
 Paige! She became part of the group to help them be more socialized I guess and to have them help her understand her genius son apparently but after watching a few episodes it annoyed me because she really had no purpose. These guys aren't aliens or shut-ins who never experienced the world. They are full grown adults who have survived many years in the world before she came around and if they need advice, they are smart enough to use the Internet to find anything they need. It drives me crazy when they walk up to a "client" and discuss the problem and she pops in to say something like "Oh he means Hello, how are you?" Or something stupid like that..... SERIOUSLY?!?!. 
Do they really need to pay her loads of money to teach ADULTS manners??? Do they really not know simple ettiquite??? 
I just find that extremely hard to believe. 
Then I can only assume they tried making her more relevant by sending her to college and saving the day with her new knowledge from a report she wrote. Then another episode the government guy hands her the case file.....why??? 
   Also, why is she ALWAYS there putting herself in danger for no reason? She is supposed to love her son more than anything, yet is constantly throwing herself in the line of fire each week and risking the loss of a mother for this kid she loves so much.
She seems to purposely try and find reasons for them to need her all the she has nothing to lose and wants to be in danger. Does she hate her child? Because if she loved him she wouldn't be actively trying to find reasons for them to include her on dangerous missions. She'll chase them and say "YOU NEED ME!" whenever there is a chance they may not include her. 
I honestly don't know which is worse.... Having her completely irrelevant or seeing them attempt to make her relevant in stupid ridiculous ways. She offers nothing more than a [nice?] view for Walter, the leader. Actually now that I think about it, she's more of a distraction than anything else which makes her even worse since they are always in dangerous situations where Walter needs to concentrate not be distractedKeep her home!!! LoL.
Either way I wish they would get rid of her and replace her with someone more interesting (like Maya maybe?) instead of trying to make her more interesting and constantly failing.
Her needing their help relating to her son is understandable, but not the other way around...and the more they attempt to make her seem more necessary with these rediculous story lines, the worse it gets. They are starting to look desperate for a way to keep her and I don't understand why. 
Paige is NOT NEEDED. She never was and never will be. That's my opinion.
Moving on.....I wish the geniuses would stop saying things like "I have no feelings" when they clearly do have "feelings" that are shown in many situations so far. Does genius automatically mean robot
Look at "Good Will Hunting" for example ....who's main character, a genius, managed to have friends a girlfriend and a SOCIAL LIFE in spite of his intellect. I wonder what gave them that idea....making someone smart and social? I'm not positive but most likely there are and have been many extremely intelligent people in the world who live their lives each day without the need for a "Paige" to guide them but maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway, I just don't see how this group would have ever survived pre-Paige if they truly had NO FEELINGS (and one of them is a Psychologist!). I just haven't seen her provide anything worthy of a huge paycheck from the government or a permanent status in this group. Occasional advice? Possibly...but even that's iffy. She is definitely not necessary full-time. It woulda been more believable if she kept her waitress job and they occasional ate at the restaurant she worked in for chit-chat.
I do like the girl named Maya from last weeks episode who turned out to be genius. I was really hoping she'd be added full-time. Another female who could easily replace Paige and most likely improve the show since I've read numerous posts from people who love show but dislike Paige for one reason or another.
Lastly, I've noticed that in this show, ANYTHING that can possibly go wrong .......DEFINITELY WILL for them....resulting in some of the most unbelievable and almost laughable situations imaginable. If fact, most story lines on this show are a bit over-the-top to begin with but then they make sure EVERY scenario that could make things worse actually happens ALWAYS and plays out. This I could see once in awhile but EVERY time??? Hmmmm.
This is why in order to enjoy this show, you MUST absolutely not think while watching, otherwise you could end up like me, constantly pausing each scene to rant about how unrealistic, unbelievable or annoying something is. It simply cannot be enjoyed that way so I've decided to not think too much during this show and rant here instead and now I enjoy the show :-)
Oh one more thing....I wish they didn't create the show based on a real person because I've read things on the Internet, which I'm sure others have as well, and it bothers me that the REAL Walter was called out by others in his field and came off looking like a con artist with MANY questionable accomplishments. He also has a real company called "Scorpion" just like on the show. 
His claim of being smarter than Einstein with the worlds 4th highest IQ is unproven and shady at best, but it's used in the beginning of each episode like an impressively proven "fact". So each time I hear this intro it makes me cringe but like with the other stuff....I try to let it go. 
What really bothers me though is that this show paints him to be this glorified genius who runs a real company with other (unique) geniuses and it basically offers a con artist an opportunity to easily rip off innocent people who may believe in the shows claims a little more than they should by assuming the REAL Walter is exactly how the show portrays him. 
I can see people in my head saying "I can't wait to do business with Scorpion because they must be really exceptional to have a show about them!"
Hopefully I am wrong again! 
Still, I believe it would have been much better if they created a non-existant character who couldn't be publicly called out and proven shady to base the show on....I know, I know, it's too late for that though. Oh Well....okay I'm finished I think.
Of course I probably have more pet peeves but