Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GAMES for iOS (iPad)

iOS Apps & Games 
I've been trying out a few new apps on my iPad and as usual it's been hit or miss. 
I'm a bit picky with apps because unlike when I used an Android tablet and purchased Android Apps, which allowed a refund within an hour if disliked, all iOS app purchases are a basically done deal. Not sure if Android still does this but I think it's a really great feature that Apple should offer.
I occasionally do random AppStore browsing to see what's new or if anything peaks my interest. Even though I purchased the iPad with the largest storage at the time (128gb), it still gets easily filled by my love of apps. I'm always trying all kinds of new apps. So I decided, why not post about the apps I find and offer an opinion to others who may be picky like me? 
GAMES (I've played on my iPad )
I wasn't going to start with a specific category but this just happens to be only about games, which is one of the smaller collections on my iPad, but  only because I find it severely difficult finding a game I like. Luckily though, there are occasions where a great game will find me, but it's rare
I am an occasional player, who seems to almost always choose games with long gameplay. So it may take me forever before I finish one. Unlike some, since I find very, very few that really interest me, I try to extend gameplay because I know once it ends, the chances of finding another right away will be unlikely. Playing little bits at a time means I'll always have something I enjoy to go to. 
Whenever I do find a new game though, I will play it right away. So if you haven't already guessed, I usually have a few games on my iPad at the same time that I'm in the middle of.
I've always loved horror type games, especially when they have  point and click type control which makes navigation simple. I also love beautiful graphics and great sound effects. Music can be great also if it compliments game atmosphere but should definitely offer the option to turn it off or control volume. Sometimes, especially with horror games, I'd rather be in the dark with just the sound effects keeping the mood.
"The Walking Dead" game has everything I like and more. It's also from one of my absolute favorite tv shows with the same name. The game is a bit older now but still remains a favorite. There may be different options to play this on iOS but the one I have is 2 parts (2 separate apps) "Walking Dead The Gameand Walking Dead The Game - Season 2 each separately containing episodes that can be purchased with the in-app purchase feature from Apple. You can buy each episode as you go or all at once. I get them as I go.
I actually got started with part two when it was released and my curiousity got the better of me and I just decided to jump ahead and play it while still in the middle of the first part. I deeply regretted that after the game showed me the fate of certain characters from my unfinished part one that I didn't really want to know about yet....Like seeing spoilers from a tv show episode you haven't seen yet. So now I only play the first part and am saving part two lol.  If your unfamiliar with the show or game, it's about a zombie apocalypse which is a genre I normally don't go for (Zombie movies etc...) but this is not about zombies which is what makes it so great's about survival and how the survivors deal with life in this new world. A world where in order to survive you are forced to make choices that make you disgusted with yourself and question your humanity all the time. The game places you into this world where you make the decisions and alter the story based on them. 
Ok ...on to my new game find....
 So, My NEW game find is called "Lost Within", it was $6.99 US dollars in the AppStore which is kind of expensive but like I said, I  am picky and good games are hard to find IMO. Anyway, it's in that awesome horror category, complete with scary atmosphere, sound effects and music that enhance game even more (best played in dark while using headphones) which I LOVE! Plus the control is super easy. You use touch by just pointing (tapping) where you'd like to go or use the available control circle on bottom of screen for more controlled movement....simple! The basic object of the game is mainly about trying to find your way out of an abandoned (or not so abandoned) and excitedly creepy asylum. Of course my description really doesn't explain it well which is why I included a YouTube video below lol (plus an AppStore link which also includes a game video and a much better description) ....I rarely buy apps but this one seemed (and is IMO) worth the price!
Lost Within Trailer
"Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities" is another game I suppose is worth mentioning because I did play around with it and additionally considered buying it....but ended up not finding it worth the $5.99 they were asking for.
I wasn't sure about it from mixed reviews but had some pretty positive expectations after viewing trailer and reading description. However, after playing it on a friends iPad a few times, I felt disappointed. I don't think it's worth the precious space on my iPad but it's a game I really wanted to like.
 "Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities" is another horror type game with some potential. If the game was changed since I played then I hope it's better but as of now, I only know what I've experienced and it made me too nervous to spend the money on it now.
 Since I don't have my own copy, I can't recommend it or not but here are my thoughts.
 I do like the atmosphere, story, sounds and graphics. It was one of those games that drew me in with it's pretty advertising but the reviews were mixed. I had to try it and see. Luckily a friend bought it.
What made me not get the game myself was a few things. First, the control was the worst I've experienced by far. A simple touch would have me spinning around uncontrollably (or at least felt uncontrollable). Leaving me facing walls, ceiling, wherever. There didn't seem to be any easy way to gain control. The options available may have been helpful if I understood what all of them were for but there was no info available. Next was the flashlight used in game that was needed to see in the dark. 
There was only one place I found so far to recharge it, which was pretty far from most areas I was in. It would die very quickly, leaving you to constantly go back and search for this recharge area only to die out again by the time you actually got back to where you needed to go. This seemed extremely tedious to me and felt as though it disrupted any smooth gameplay having to do this over and over so often. Then there was no auto save feature which meant you needed to find "save areas" in order to save. Starting all over after finally getting anywhere in the game was frustrating. After a few times it becomes really irritating starting over and over and over, especially when you also have to go through the same long intro over and over as well, because it cannot be skipped. This made me ultimately uninterested in attempting to play any longer. It seems like it could be an interesting game and could fit nicely in my rare game finds category but for now, spend your money elsewhere. It's $5.99 in the iOS AppStore and way too expensive if you ask me. 
If I ever play again, I'll update but for now, it remains close, yet so far. 
Links Mentioned:
Walking Dead The Game (AppStore Link)
Lost Within Game (AppStore Link) - contains description and game video
Ok well that's all for now....