Sunday, July 26, 2015

FINALLY an Awesome Hair Guy!!!

Ok so I've been searching for a decent hairdresser for like EVER....with absolutely no luck whatsoever!
My first experience completely ruined me. 
First of all I'm an 11 year old not rich girl living in a rich neighborhood. My dad wasn't poor, just didn't get some things like when I said I needed money to buy new school clothes he gave me $20. You may imagine that this didn't exactly get me much so I was the perfect target for the rich girls to make fun of.
Then I go for my first haircut alone and say can you feather my hair? I'm thinking my long hair would get nice long layers but nope.

I would spend what seemed like forever, crying over my new SHORT boys haircut and the ridicule went from hurtful to brutal. 

I never had luck with hairdressers after that but I tried. Most were very intimidating and talked me into what THEY wanted. Then once on vacation an expensive hotel salon did a great job but it was vacation. 
Next a friend referred me to a girl who was great but happened to be leaving after my first and only visit so that was that. 

Now finally I decided to try again after years of taking care of my own hair. I saw a place by me with lots of great reviews and decided what the hell. 
I am soooooo thankful I did. 

This guy named Kyle Chang was awesome. I have literally never been this happy with my hair and hope he never goes away. He was friendly, he listened, gave suggestions when I asked and was just altogether awesome! I just hope he never leaves lol.
He works in salons in NJ and NY. 
I took a pic with him but it does my hair no justice....neither does the pics with my webcam but I'll post anyway. Just know I have NEVER been happier ever!!! 


Better pics to come!! 


I highly recommend this guy ...especially if your nervous like me!