Sunday, July 19, 2015


Free App of the Day

Free App-Of-The-Day for iOS 


Just noticed that Inspire Pro (a regularly $9.99 app for iPad) is FREE TODAY! So I thought I'd share here. If your like me, and you love artistic apps and this one is pretty cool. If you like drawing or painting on your iPad then you'll love this app. I love using oil painting features on my iPad and this has just that and more. I would have purchased it but at $9.99 it's a bit much for me. 


Inspire Pro by is basically a paint, draw and sketch app with a lot of great features. 

I'm not sure how long it'll be free so I won't post what you can clearly see on the app website or the AppStore page for Inspire Pro. You can go directly to the AppStore page by clicking this link: Inspire Pro for iPad

The app page also includes a video so go grab it now before it goes back to regular price. You can't beat FREE so HURRY!!! I got mine!!!