Monday, July 6, 2015

Join DropBox for Xtra Online Storage!!!

Time for me to be kinda pathetic?..maybe? 

Ok normally I HATE this but I could reallyreallyreally use extra space for my Dropbox account because for some reason, almost all my apps allow backup to Dropbox more than any other service and of course Dropbox gives the least amount of space to begin with. 


I have and other accounts with plenty of space but everyone seems to want us backing up to Dropbox  So other than going the expensive upgrade option on Dropbox which I cannot afford, the only other way to collect more space is by referring others to open a Dropbox account of their own using my referral link which I will post below.

For those who aren't familiar with this. Dropbox is an online storage site where you can backup files from either mobile gadgets like iPads (which is what I use it for), phones, computers or anywhere or use it to upload specific files you want to share with others like music, eBooks, photos, notes...etc... It is actually pretty useful. 

The good news is that by signing up through me, we will BOTH get the extra free space added to both our accounts on top of the 2gb they automatically give you for joining, so its a win-win situation.

Also, if I get a decent amount of people using my referral link, I'll share something with everyone like a few eBooks or something as a thank you.. 

However, I just reallyreallyreally could just use the help gaining extra space and it would mean the world to me. So if you think you could use a Dropbox account, or even if you don't need it but don't mind joining anyway, then pleasepleaseplease join with my referral link below.....and you have my sincerest gratitude. 

Oh and I just learned, if you use a mobile device like I do, then they will also give you 3gb more for installing their free photo organizing app called "Carousel" (I did this and instantly got the 3gb). Then you can use your own referral link to get even more space (up to 16gb free). 

Thanks Again in Advance! 

Click Here to Create Your Own Dropbox Account