Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review - The Walking Dead Game (iPad)

I think I've mentioned before that I enjoy video games on my iPad but I'm also very picky about what I choose to buy. I love games that have great graphics and require strategy or puzzle solving in order to move along.
What I don't like, are hidden object type games. I used to like them occasionally but in most games, they never seem to have any real significance in the actual game progression. They are just thrown in for the sake of throwing them in.
I do find a few great games every now and then that manage to hold my interest quite well.
One game in particular, I finally just finished:
It's called "The Walking Dead" (TWD) Season one. A game based on the popular comic books by Robert Kirkman.
If your like me, someone not familiar with the world of comics, then you may have heard of the hit TV show of the same name, also based on the comics which is about survival during a zombie apocalypse.
On a side note: Zombie anything (shows, movies....etc) are the last thing I'd choose to watch but "The Walking Dead" is and continues to be, my absolute favorite show ever. So that might tell you a little bit that this is not your typical zombie thing.
Anyway, I loved the game for the most part and have continued on to the second season which is a separate game you must purchase.
I thought I'd share what I thought of the first game to those who may care lol. The game took me a long time to actually finish (6-8 months maybe) but after reading this you may understand why. I hope anyway lol.
Ok first of all, graphics and audio are amazing. The game says headphones are preferred, and I did play a few times with them on but mostly I played while using external Bluetooth speakers in a quiet room and enjoyed it just as much, if not more but that's probably a personal preference.
I purchased the game purely based on my love of "The Walking Dead" (TWD) TV show (not really knowing much else about game other than it looked good graphics-wise) and the thought of being able to play some of the people I'd been watching for so long was a huge plus. I knew the show was based off the comics and so the TV characters were also from the comics, so naturally they'd be in the game also, right? ..........WRONG!
So it's probably not difficult to imagine my disappointment when I realized that none of them were actually a part of the game.
THEN there was "Glenn". He is a character from the show and I believe the comic also. He's a great character on the TV show so it was nice seeing him but he was barely in the game.
To say that I was confused would be an understatement. I couldn't understand it at all.....Why include him but no one else? Also, why include him at all and make him so insignificant???
I mean the comics and show were the selling point for the game right? So why exclude the characters you've used consistently, the characters we fans all know??? I just don't get it.
We know almost nothing about these game characters, nor do we ever learn anything significant about any of them, making it difficult to really care about them......but using ones we all know already could eliminate a lot of useless scenes and probably even allow for more excitement in the game. This could also add some meaning to our choices in the game
Maybe it's just me but this was the most disappointing part of the game and left me feeling extremely detached from all of these unknown characters.
Although Lee may possibly deserve a little sympathy since he's the character you play and learn most about, but not enough to really know what to really think of him, leaving you with questions that will never be answered. Clementine, the other character you play, is a child, and her background is short and sweet making it easy to care for her but that's it really.
Having no real connection or concern for anyone,definitely affects the choices you make because having no real investment in anyone or their wellbeing would make all your choices about your survival. I didn't care how my choices affected them. I would say that my choices were more out of curiosity. Wondering what would happen if I did this....etc.... more than will they be okay. This makes the game completely different from what I love about the show. Moving on.....
The story itself is entertaining enough and offers you several different choices at times to basically personalize your game experience but it sometimes moves a bit too slow for me and occasionally has me wishing for a fast forward option.
I feel like it could use more interaction. I felt like I was spending A LOT of time just reading along with an occasional pop up asking me to choose an answer that sometimes really didn't seem necessary. Basically it seemed more like they just wanted to give the player something to do before they got bored.
Then out of the blue they suddenly throw you into nonstop action which I'm not saying is a bad thing, because most attacks in that world would be sudden and chaotic, I just think, for the game, there should be more of that or more of anything for that matter.
Also I understand that there must be a story, which is important, but sometimes it felt more like I was reading an animated book than playing a game but maybe that's something people really like. Maybe that's the way certain games are now? I can obviously only give my opinion.
This next part may make me look like some stuck up b*tch lol but that couldn't be farther from the truth.
I'm in no way a prude, nor do I have any problems with bad language, Hell I use it myself at times but not usually for the sake of just saying it. I don't have problems with others who curse a lot either. I could take it or leave it.
This is a game though, and I know that unlike TV, games are more lenient toward the use of bad language and I've heard many games use curses here and there which was fine, but for some reason "The Walking Dead" (TWD) game felt the need to overload every conversation (and statements) within the game with non-stop curses. Many games use curses but the fact that I feel the need to mention it, means it's beyond the scope of normalcy.
Basically, if a character was talking, then they were cursing. There was no one without the other. It was as if these characters were incapable of putting together a sentence without the word f*ck in it. It was used so much that it sounded forced and unnatural.
I honestly just don't understand the point.
The characters on the TV show express fear, anger, joy, sadness and any other emotion without the need to curse and they do it beautifully.
I've also played similar games where emotion was expressed and understood without the need to curse.
So why did TWD, with an already extremely popular reputation and huge fan base, feel the need to overload their game with unnecessary curses? If there was a point, I'd just like to understand it because maybe they did have a reason. I hope they did, otherwise it's just pointless and pathetic.
Like I said, I have no problems with cursing and it can be included in conversations normally.....I just wish I understood the reasoning for it here.
Overall, I still like the game but it took me about months to finish it because of the reasons I mentioned here. It would be great if they ever decide to make a version with Rick, Daryl and the gang but I doubt they will. One can always hope though!!!
I also think the game is expensive for what you get. Not everyone can afford to pay this much for a game.
Oh and another thing I wish was different....the size of the game. The first season after installing all the chapters took up the most room on my iPad (around 2.6gb or so) and not many people have the room to spare. This was actually a huge reason in why I finally finished te game quickly a few days ago. I wanted to get it off my iPad so I could get that space back. That's almost 3gb and that's a lot!
Apparently they are coming out with The Walking Dead - Season 3 Game and it will be "CONSIDERABLY LARGER" than previous versions.
I hope it's amazing because the last ones were pretty big already.
Here is a video taken from YouTube discussing it. Video Details Posted Below.

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