Thursday, August 13, 2015

Brain Enhancement Pills


So I'm doing my usual web surfing, not looking for anything specific, just browsing I guess. I somehow get into the area of brain and/or mind information and get to this article by about a real life "Limitless" pill. For those who don't know the movie "Limitless", it's been awhile since I've seen it but I'll try to explain it as best as I goes....
It stars Bradley Cooper and he is a writer but having trouble writing I think. So talking to a friend or someone, he mentions his troubles writing and the friend pulls out a pill and says "try this". It's supposed to be like a super pill that enhances your brain function tremendously. He struggles with whether to take it or not and eventually he takes it. Immediately he's hooked because he basically turns into a genius and is on top of the world. Of course now he needs the pills but they aren't free of course but he's gotta have them so he becomes like a severe addict for these brain pills. You can watch the movie if you want to know more but my point was just about the pill. 

So this article is about a supposedly "REAL Limitless pill". There is a company that creates a pill like this, or at least the same concept as the one in the movie. Some have nicknamed this pill the "Adderall Killer" (Adderall is a prescription ADHD drug that increases focus and concentration). This pill does not need a prescription though and can only be bought online, even at for around $48 for 30 pills. 
The pill is called "Addium".

The article talked about how the pill works and a little back info but also mentioned the controversy that Addium created in colleges because college students were using it and many claimed that it gave these students a significant edge over student who are not using it, which apparently was unfair so I believe it has been banned from use at colleges. I beliver it was also banned from things like sports competitions...etc....and these things are what  really peaked my interest. I mean, why ban something that doesn't work right? Maybe this does really work? If it does, then it's exactly what I've been needing. 
The last year or more I've been having lots of trouble with stress, motivation, fatigue, slight memory trouble and other things that I am usually really good with. Sometimes it honestly feels like I'm not "me" lately. 
From what I understand, the pill is not to make you a genius or some superhero, it's more like a brain booster to enhance what's already there. It says it enhances memory, helps you follow through on tasks, reduces stress, makes chores and work actually pleasant, gives you more energy and more. 

I've always been VERY curious about the brain/mind/body stuff and read many things about it. I totally believe that none of us are using our full potential or that we even know how to but I know there's more to us than we know.

I really would have bought one bottle of Addium right away if I wasn't so paranoid about using my credit card online (I got screwed once, long story). So I tried putting it outta my mind even though I continued to read about it and learn more.
They say if you want something bad enough, the universe will make it happen! Okay I don't know if they say that but it sounds good because it almost seemed like something was making it happen and giving me what I wanted

This probably sounds corny but oh well, I'm corny sometimes lol....but 
To me, it was as if the Universe intervened and made it almost impossible for me NOT to try this stuff,  because my dad suddenly gave me a late birthday gift (July 30th was my bday) which was a disposable Visa card that was just enough to buy myself a bottle to try while at the same time, eliminated my fear of  having to use my own credit card online. Now if that's not perfect fate, then what is? LoL 

I know some people will think I'm a moron for ordering but my thing is "You only live once, so why the hell not?!?!" 

I excitedly but nervously ordered one right away and now all I can do is sit patiently, pray that it's not a scam and wait for them to arrive. I'm absolutely nervous and definitely skeptical since it can be purchased so easily without a prescription. I've already prepared myself in the event that I just lose the money I paid if it turns out to be a scam and I never receive the product so that's reduced some stress at least.

I've already decided that if and when I receive them, I will post my experience here on my blog for anyone interested. 

A few things about me and medication: 
I am not an easy person, by any means, when it comes to any medication. I develop tolerance to things very quickly and many medications have no effect on me AT ALL. For instance, there have been many times where I've been in tremendous pain and taken so many strong narcotics that it would most likely kill the average person, while I feel nothing at all and eventually just give up trying any more meds and just deal with whatever pain I'm feeling. I usually have to suffer through many days of pain in order to lower my tolerance just so I can have a  few pain-free days. 
I do not believe it when they try to say that generic meds are exactly the same as the brand names and I can instantly tell when a generic version of medication does not work. That doesn't mean I don't like generic versions either because there are a few that I am completely okay with and DO WORK absolutely fine, which is how I know it's not some psychological thing in me that just has to have brand name meds. I'm not like that. I just want it to work, that's all. Doctors have even agreed with me that all generics are NOT equal. I am honest in explaining to my doctors any experiences with any medication they prescribe and will try this new pill as I do with all things.....with an open mind. 

On a positive note, I did call the customer service number and the woman seemed very nice, answered all my questions politely and not that I'm an expert but it felt pretty legitimate for the most part. She says my order should arrive within 3-5 days so we'll see! ::::::crossing fingers:::::: 
Until then, I'll be anxiously awaiting and you'll hear all about it right here! 

A Few Links:

(Article also contains a little experiment done by a guy who tried out the pill for 4 weeks and records his experience.)

Limitless Trailer (2011) YouTube

Stay Tuned for my experience with pills or to hear I got screwed....either way should be interesting LoL