Friday, August 7, 2015

Stress, Games Etc...

Quickly made this graphic .....It's My Mantra for the Day...."It's Just Life"....Relax :-) 

Stress, stress never stops and that's not fair.
Ok that sounded whiney and I'm soooooo not the whiney type but sometimes a little "release" is in order ya know? That was mine :-)
My day has been slightly stressful and I decided I'll write a blog post and maybe get my mind on something else for awhile so here we go! 

First of all, to relieve my stress, I sometimes play games and I found a new game to play on my iPad called "The Silent Age" and here is a video trailer for you to see. 

"The Silent Age is a point and tap/click adventure game set in the 70's and other time periods."
Above description taken from

The Silent Age HD Trailer by House of Fire (YouTube Video)

I'm not exactly sure what it is that I like about this game but something keeps me coming back for more. The graphics are simple but nice. The puzzles aren't too difficult to stress me out but difficult enough where I go looking for walkthroughs sometimes lol (shhhh that's a secret). It's just a perfect relaxing game in my opinion and yes I know I play too many games for a grown female. 
I won't try and explain too much about the game here since the creators went through all the trouble of creating a webpage just for that purpose and they do a much better job at describing their game than I ever could lol. So if you'd like to check it out, and I recommend you do, then just click the following link (also posted at bottom of this blog entry) and through the magic of technology, you will be transported to.....

That was the link by the way, just passed it. 
According to the site, the game is available in many fun formats like my personal favorite, iOS AppStore, Google Play, Windows, Kindle Fire..etc. Also now on STEAM which I'm not familiar with but it has a website too and seems to be a big deal because it's announced at top of the page like its a big deal lol. 
The Silent Age on Steam <---psst....another link

The game is free to download, at least on my iPad it is. You can play the beginning chapter free which is how they hooked me lol. Then you must pay to continue or just not play anymore if you don't like it. I personally love AppStore (iOS) games that allow you to download and play for free to test it out and see if you truly like it before paying. If you believe in your app and stand behind it then you don't need to worry about people trying it first. 
I'm sure I've missed a few great games or apps because I couldn't justify paying for something I knew nothing about....except for what the seller describes and I'm sure they would exaggerate at least a little. 

Okay well last but not least, some of you may know that I've been searching for that special Twitter app to use on my iPad...or not....but anyway, that's what I'm getting into here.
I've tried a few and posted about it but still haven't found "the one"! I've been mainly using Tweetings for iPad ($2.99), TweetCaster Pro for Twitter ($4.99), and Echofon Pro for Twitter ($4.99) simultaneously because I can't commit to one I like most still. 
They all have little things I like about each but I'm also REALLY big into customization. The Twitter apps I mentioned, all have that custom option of choosing to make your theme dark or light which is cool because I love my apps dark. They also have a few other customizing features and I say the more, the better but I've been happy with most options so far.....AND THEN during my usual app browsing I decided to try TweetLogix for Twitter ($2.99) which lets you go WAY PAST the black or white choice and into the make your Twitter app look like a bad 70's psychedelic trip if you want and I was stuck trying out new themes for way longer than anyone should. I so love the customizing of almost every section available on Twitter and was in color heaven. 

I'm not sure how great the rest is just yet but so far, so good. I'll have more input in a few weeks I guess. If your like me though, and love customizing or personalizing things then you might love this just for that. 


The Silent Age Game (direct AppStore link for iOS devices)

The Silent Age Website (pretty sure it's official)

TweetLogix for Twitter (direct AppStore link for iOS devices)