Sunday, August 16, 2015

True Crime Writer - Ann Rule

I love true crime. I've pretty much, always been into true stories of any kind but mainly crime. I don't know why, I don't think I have any weird fascination with death, tragedy or trauma and when I read or watch something that was truly horrific for a real life person, family, etc....I feel awful and amazed at what we humans are capable of but I still find myself sucked into a story every time. 

I don't like that we turn psychos and criminals famous with books, shows, movies...etc...but if it was never talked about, I don't think I would like "not knowing" about what evil exists in our world either. So I may be semi conflicted. 

There is/was a famous true crime book writer named Ann Rule who was real life friends with the rapist/murderer Ted Bundy and I think that's what started her career writing about true crime but I'm unsure.
I constantly hear her name and hear people who think they may be killed or something, actually requesting that this woman write about it if it happens because she's supposedly so great. 

After awhile, I finally decided to buy a couple of her books to see all the fuss and I was not impressed. 
I'm not saying I could do better and admit I've had lots of trouble writing but after attempting my first Ann Rule book, I couldn't get past the first two chapters even. Maybe it's just me but I get extremely bored when it takes 20+ pages to describe the street someone lives on. Yes she's descriptive...a bit too descriptive for me. 

Then she acts like she truly cares about these people she writes about but after researching a few other books of hers, it was clear that she was churning out books to make some quota or something. Like the books where she just rehashes her other books and says its a "compilation". Sounds more like a way to rake in more cash off these people's tragedy.

Okay this was a pure vent post and I may sound like an ass but that's not my intention. I just don't understand why some people are so popular sometimes. Not a huge deal, just something I felt like getting off my chest. 

To be fair, I hadn't read the beginning of more than 2 of her books so maybe I picked bad ones but I dunno. ::::::shrug:::::::