Friday, September 11, 2015

My Spontaneous Photo Project

Sometimes I get in these crazy moods where I seriously need a project to do before I go crazy. 
Most of the time it involves manipulating photos somehow in Photoshop or whatever program I find. I've been doing photo editing/manipulation forever and I wanted to see if I could do anything decent on my iPad. I've only used my PC till now.

So my friend Rosie mentioned how it was a shame that we had no photos of us together. [we live on opposite sides of the country now, in case you were wondering why we don't just take one]. 
This excited me cuz it was exactly the kind of project I was looking for....and I immediately said
 "send me a pic of yourself and I'll make one!!!". 
She sent one right away and my project was born! LoL

I had a rough time finding a decent pic of two girls in a friendly pose. Imagine what comes up when you type "2 girls" into Google lol. Then thinking I was slick, I tried "best friends" .....which brought up images of best friend "quotes"! Uggghhh! 

I finally found one though, and this is my result:

And these are the photos I used to create it: 

I know it's not perfect but It was my first time doing it on my iPad so I think it came out pretty cool and she loved it.
I don't think I'm some professional photo editor but I enjoy doing it....always have.
I am always willing to edit photos for anyone. 
So if you have one and you'd like me to do something specific with it just ask!

OK that's all for now! I hope everyone's having a great end of summer!