Sunday, October 4, 2015

Google Voice is Awesome IMO

Ok so maybe I'm slow but I just discovered Google Voice and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! 

I've been trying to find a way to use my iPad for calls/text when my cell phone dies or is charging, which seems to be way too often lately. 
To be fair though, my cell is super old and barely holds a charge anymore. I can't even get the charger plug to stay in most of the time. I did order a new phone finally but I waited so long cuz I'm not one to spend lots of money if my current whatever still works well enough. 
Unfortunately it won't be shipping to me until November but oh well.

Anyway, I figured there must be a way to use my iPad (which seems to last forever on one charge ::::shrug::::) and I found it! Google Voice
You do need an actual phone to forward from I believe, but most people have one anyway. Once setup, they let me make/receive calls, sms text, get voicemail (transcribed even!) and gave me a free phone number that rings my phone AND iPad! I use the free Google Hangouts app for calls and stuff on my iPad which is no biggie...but I believe a browser works too. I'm just happy it works and it's free!
How did I not know this before??? LoL 

Before that I tried Skype who charged me 2.99 a month to only make calls and Vonage isn't too bad but no SMS texting. So now I'm happy for another day and can move on to other projects LoL!

Like I always say, it's the little things in life ::::sigh:::: 

I suppose I should provide links but I'm in a slight rush and search engines are really helpful for these things lol.