Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Movies, TV, Tech

My little late night blog post rundown 😊

Well I seem to be in a TV/Movie watching phase again. I love movies and TV but there are so many I wanna mention so this is more like a rundown than a real review of anything. 

My most recent was "American Sniper" with Bradley Cooper and it was great in my opinion. The fact that it's a true story made it even more appealing in my eyes because I absolutely love true stories. 

I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but as the descriptions say, it's about one of the greatest snipers in US history. So if you don't like that sort of thing, stay clear

I tried checking out the TV show "Heroes Reborn" but hasn't quite sucked me in yet. Plus I loved at first, then really lost interest in original Heroes when it quickly went downhill so my expectations for this reboot weren't exactly high. I will try again one day though.

Along with everyone else, I was excited about "Fear The Walking Dead" but it was a bit slow at the start, which I understand but so glad I stuck with it because the finale was AMAZING!
Now if only Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) would follow it up weekly as he does with "The Walking Dead". I love "Talking Dead".

Of course the premiere of "The Walking Dead" season six was exciting as always...but that's no surprise! The black and white confused me at first but was nice to see departed characters again and I did get the hang of what was happening fairly quick. Can't wait for the rest of the season! 

A few other shows like Ryan Murphys "Scream Queens" was actually pretty good. Emma Roberts plays a great b*tch and I was SO thankful that Ariana Grande died almost immediately (sorry Ariana lovers, or not so sorry actually but  I can't stand her ever since she decided she was too good to acknowledge a 7 year old boy who innocently liked her). 
The rest of the show "Screem Queens" is pretty good with the sarcasm/horror/humour mix. It's pretty damn entertaining.

Then there is "American Horror: Hotel". Also by Ryan Murphy
To say the show is strange would be an understatement but I'll have to keep watching to see just how weird it'll get. In my opinion, the first "American Horror" was by far the best with none yet that even comes close unfortunately ,.... and I kinda miss Jessica Lange. 

Something Techie:

Last in this quick little blog post, I finally upgraded my iPhone 4
It was literally falling apart. The charger took some work to connect, if at all. It was at its limit for updates, meaning any apps past iOS 7 were off limits and a few other troubles I won't get into. 

So I finally order the iPhone 6s Plus in the new rose gold color and I swear I'm like a kid in a candy store lol. Soooo different from my old one and it's officially the first apple device I haven't wanted to jailbreak! It already has everything I used to JB it for. Gotta give it to Apple for always outdoing themselves. Ive literally abandoned my iPad for my new iPhone 6s Plus. I love the size! Why didn't they offer the newest iPod Touch this size???  Hint hint apple..,,. LoL

Now I have my eye on the iPad Pro coming out but there's always that one little thing called money and I'm a bit lacking in that department. Maybe I'll try the lottery....someone has to win so why not me? lol.