Sunday, October 4, 2015

Social ME (-dia)

Sometimes social media can be difficult when your all strangers trying to interpret each other's rogue comments and then arguing back without a clue to the real meaning behind it.
I use Twitter to say what I feel whenever the mood strikes and sometimes it seems to rub someone the wrong way. I don't try to attack anyone but I'll admit that occasionally, when I see, read or hear something that bugs me, I may share a not so nice thought to vent....but I honestly don't expect it to REALLY bother anyone because who am I? I'd have to actually matter to the person to have anything I say hurt them right? At least that's how I look at it. 

Maybe I'm wrong though? If that's the case, then please feel free to avoid me but don't take anything I say personally, please! 

I guess I just wish people understood who I was before taking my words the wrong way. I enjoy being able to say what I feel and if I'm wrong about something, I will absolutely admit it but if I believe in something, I will stick to it. I'm really not a difficult person lol.

Basically I am say whatever is on my mind at the time and it is mainly for my benefit. So I can release frustration and move on. 
Honestly though, I love a healthy debate but if you start getting crazy on me and taking it to another level, I'm pretty much done. I've learned that those people can never be reasoned with lol.

Okay rant over :::::shrug::::: :-)