Friday, November 13, 2015

Ordered My iPad Pro!!


 So I decided to order the new iPad Pro that Apple just released. I got it at BestBuy because that's where I have credit lol....or actually it's where someone else has credit & willing to let me use it but shhhhh! 
I originally wanted the one in the Black/Space Gray color but it was unavailable so I got the Gold one. The Apple pencil and keyboard were also not available at BestBuy which bummed me out and seemed odd but what can I do? 

I'm currently using the iPad 4 (which is also odd for not being mentioned on the Apple Compare iPad models page but was released around the time of the iPad Air 2 I believe...but I seem to have a knack for getting the odd versions of tech gadgets ) and use it A LOT but I'm hoping the Pro will provide a significant difference, making it worth keeping. Ive recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6s Plus and that was a pretty big improvement so I'm hoping! Unfortunately there is nothing I can say until I actually receive the new iPad Pro.

Lastly, I know it may seem like I have money to burn but sadly that is not the case....I just really love technology & must try everything LoL. Most things end up being sold or returned...unless I love it so much that I find a way lol. 

More to come once I receive my iPad Pro. 


Haha that's seemed this big to me at first too! 

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