Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Helpful Social Media

TacoBell(Written June 2016)  
So I had a bad experience with Taco Bell near me the other day. Hard to bite & definitely inedible, stale-ish taco shells.🌮 Yuck! 
I didn't find out until I was home and starving so it was too much of a pain to go back & I'd rather not have a  replacement order spit on OR WORSE (AAACCCKKKK! )😳 by some bored & NOW I'm sure,,,annoyed, late night TacoBell employee lol....

So instead I vented about it on Twitter and literally within moments they were messaging me and assuring me that it was unacceptable. Promising that they could & would "make it right". Hmmmm 
So basically I'm thinking ..... Social Media ain't so bad after all lol. However it is still unresolved but I feel hopeful! 

To Be Continued....
Dun-Dun-Dun 😛
Social Media 

~~ My Update ~~

So I received a $5 gift certificate in the mail (snail mail), along with a cute card and apology for messing up, which is obviously a nice gesture and it's the thought that counts right? 
Okay it didn't quite cover what I paid for my meal (which yeah, I probably didn't need to mention but this is a my blog and it's for me to allow my true feelings out so that is one of them ).
I do appreciate the fact that they did ANYTHING... Which  is kind is cool for a major corporation so I appreciate and accept that they did something to make it right, unlike other companies who could really care less. 
Also I must give them credit for responding so quickly with what seemed like (to me anyway) genuine concern. Another quality lacking in many large businesses these days. 
So all in all, Taco Bell managed to turn a negative experience into something more positive and I thank them for being better than many others in a world sadly filled with greed and extreme lack of concern toward the people who made them successful to begin with.  
Ok well thanks for reading & have an awesome day! 

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