Friday, June 17, 2016

My TV/Movies Vent

This should be a (hopefully) short venting post but we’ll see!

My Venting 

Does anyone else get annoyed with TV and Movies these days??? Okay not just movies in general but for certain things. I have a few things that bug me (actually have been bugging me for awhile now) and writing about it just helps me let it go so here goes...

First ....and this one has driven me nuts [probably] ever since cell phones became a major thing in our lives, therefore, also in movies and TV shows. It is....
Screen Text!
This includes ANY words displayed on screen meant for the viewer to read. I find it mainly used in the form of SMS messages, emails or any kind of writers g that is obviously shown because the show creators want us to read it in order to follow a story or/show.

Ok to those who create these things.... Please, please.. Keep in mind that not everyone (like me for instance) has a movie theater size screen and/or lightning quick reading ability.  Amazingly, some people actually have pretty small or crappy TV screens but still want to watch things.
Until this past year or so, I was one of them lol. 
[Thank God for generous family members who own nice, large TVs but  move & don't wanna cart their huge tv around  so they kindly leave it to others lol!]
So if you make a movie and choose to include text messages or emails that we are required to read, off of a tiny cell phone display in order to follow the plot then at least make it actually READABLE! Unless it isn't important to the story and if that's the case then DONT SHOW IT AT ALL so we can relax & enjoy the show without constantly worrying that we were missing something. 

Some movies use fonts that are absolutely ridiculous and could not be read by anyone. When I encounter these kind of movies, I will attempt to pause the screen and read it but it still cannot, then it gets turned off completely… illegible fonts create illegible text and you might as well have written it in a foreign language! Sometimes I will skip it and hope it has nothing to do with the story.
If it IS essential to the show, that's even worse! 
Now some people make this stuff using an extremely clear & decent size font (and I thank you tremendously for that!). So I know it can be done...but most don't & it drives me nuts!! 

Trailer for The Girl in the Photograph

Last night I watched the movie The Girl in the Photographs which I must admit was sadly disappointing in my opinion but it was the last movie Wes Craven was involved in so I figured "Why Not?" ::::shrug::::: …and there were many (too many) text conversations going on which were horribly displayed on my TV screen and I have a pretty large screened smart TV with HD. Yet I could barely read any of the text content no matter how close I got to the screen. It was tiny, the font was grainy and like I said, there were too many parts that required reading these badly displayed messages! So I skipped most of it and thankfully didn't care enough to worry what was said... Now if it was a great movie or important content then this would obviously  ruin it along with my enjoyment.

I love movies and have noticed that this is actually all too common in nowadays. So I had an idea that .....
Someone should seriously create a website just for the reading content in movies and TV.
I did search & maybe missed it but I couldn't find that info online anywhere! I'd even be willing to help create it!  

The site could be called 
"Movie Text" or "What the F*ck Did That Text Say?!?!" LoL

• I did find this one site that posts Movie Scripts but I haven't really checked it out yet. 


Cablevision DVR
Ok next is DVR Recording
Started with TIVO I believe and was supposed to make recording TV and Movies digitally instead of using those horrible VHS tapes....making recording much easier right? 

So it's been around a fairly long time now and I do love it overall but of course there is a problem or else I'd not be mentioning it here.
Maybe it's just me but ....anything I record usually (More often than not)  gets cutoff at the end unless I add 1 or 2 minutes extra to the recording time....why should I have to do that?!?!?!  From what I understand, you're just supposed to find a program on the guide and hit record, & remain confident in the fact that the machine will record the program in its entirety without ANY extra input from you, the consumer, subscriber, user... whatever. This is not the case though!

Do u know how frustrating it is to watch an entire movie or show and then miss the ending?!?! I mean these devices have been around for years now and they still can't get them to record something in its entirety??? Seriously???

My sister and a few friends have the same problem so it's not just my service…which is Cablevision by the way. Or Optimum Online if you prefer? 

It just seems like it should be an easy problem to fix but maybe it's not? I just get annoyed having to always add extra minutes and if I accidentally forget, my whole show is ruined. It's even worse when it's a movie you spent 2 hours watching gets cutoff right when your finally going to get an explanation or find out the big reveal!
What the hell?!?!?!
Why do I pay for a DVR to record MOST of a show?!?!  Why do any of us??? No where have I read that my DVR subscription is only required to record part of whatever program is set to record and it feels a little like being cheated.

Oh and last but not least. Closed Captioning! 
You know the feature that puts words on the TV screen for everything said or heard. 
Intended originally for deaf people but surprisingly useful in many situations such as noisy kids who won't let you hear the tv lol...  So damn awesome! 

It's very possible that I'm a dork but I like using captions a lot and no I'm not deaf (well not yet anyway lol). I found captions really helpful for times when watching something in a noisy room or people are talking and I can't hear something I'm watching 
or someone's on the phone talking loud
or its late at night and the TV needs to be quiet so you don't wake anyone.

For other times I'll use them for shows where people are talking & they may mumble, speak really fast, have accents that may be difficult to understand or whatever.... Just Read the captions! 
Even better..... some movies like horrors where ghosts may talk or whisper and you'd never know what they said or that they even said anything at all if you didn't see it on the captions

 I've actually watched a lot of movies over again with captions on and learned that many things were said that I never knew or heard until I saw it on captions ...and sometimes it helped make sense of some things in movies but anyway….they are great when placed correctly.

I hate that they place the captions right in the center of the screen blocking the entire picture whenever ANYTHING is on the bottom of the screen. 
For instance, shows that put the name of the person talking underneath their face or channels that keep a logo on the bottom of the screen (not all but some). 
Whenever words are on the bottom where captions are usually placed, they move the captions to the center! Blocking the whole damn screen! Why? 
I realize not all TVs do this but in my opinion, none should! 

Okay I'm done venting I hope lol. I feel much better now and hope anyone reading this doesn't think I'm bitter or cranky. It actually takes a lot to really bug me & thrse things have been happening wayyyy too long! 

Thanks for Reading ;-)