Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hotel Hell and/or Kitchen Nightmares

Ok annoyed watching Gordon Ramsey shows a little lol.

so people MUST know Gordon is there cuz the place sux so they need to quit it with the act like they are soooooo disgusted & stuckup when he shows them (customers) the  problems!

 MOST of them ONLY make reservations & go there willingly BECAUSE they know Gordon Ramsey is filming there & they just want to be on TV (on a show with HELL in the title or NIGHTMARES) because these places have no customers normally & NEED help. So Puhhleeeze!!!

 It just irritates me when these people act all snobby and appalled but won't leave of course lol 
Same with #Kitchen Nightmares. They only go to see Gordon & to be on TV, they wait hours for food & act surprised when the service or food isnt perfect??? 
Gordon isn't there cuz it's a great place! These shows aren't NEW LoL uggghhhh!!!    #HotelHell  ok vent over 😜