Friday, October 7, 2016

Tweetlogix Twitter App

Okay so awhile back when I first got really into Twitter, I tried out multiple social media apps in search of one that filled all my Twitter needs and hopefully more. It was a very long and frustrating search that occassionally required purchases of apps I only ended up hating and now stuck with (sorta). I really hate wasting money just to TRY an app out.

By the way, this is probably going slightly off topic but I'm reminded of why I miss using android gadgets with Google AppStore sometimes....because [at least when I used it] they gave you an hour to get your money back for any app if you disliked it. 
Something Apple seriously should have already been doing if they had confidence in thier product. I honestly wouldn't have stuck with iPads/iPhones this long if I hadn't already put so much money into iOS apps, but that's a whole other story for another time. ::::sigh:::: 

Okay so back to my story, one of the apps I tried was called "Tweetlogix for Twitter".  So as I was trying out all these apps to find my perfect Twitter app that I REALLY liked ..... Tweetlogix won.  (I was originally searching for my iPad but now I mainly use my iPhone 6s Plus, thankfully it's universal & works great on both.)

It has a ton of features! Many similar to other Twitter apps, but soooooo many more. Even though it's jam packed, it is not a hog or sluggish in any way! Also works great on iPads and iPhones. The website and AppStore page lists them all if you want to check it out (links listed at the end of this post)  but a few good features I like are...
The ability to use multiple Twitter accounts, 
The ability to instantly mute users, retweets, keywords or phrases, 
Great search functions, 
The ability to choose recent hashtags and users, 
create lists, 
and my absolute favorite, and really the main reason I fell in love with this app, is the customizable theme feature!
Light and Dark themes are built in to use right away, but if you like making things your own like I do, then you'll love that you can create your own themes. You can also import and share your themes with others through a tweet or email.
I Sooooo LOVE making them though. 

I'm not saying I'm great at creating themes, actually I probably suck at it, but that's what's cool.... Anyone can make themes with this app!
 I always share mine on Twitter anyway...,because, you never know?  

Since I only use my iPhone 6s to create them on, I sometimes wonder if they suck or look really different or even hideous on other peoples screens,  but it's not like I'm forcing others to use mine, I'm just having fun with it and like sharing :-) 

To be honest though, I don't know if newer Twitter apps now give you theme options or better customization features  since its been pretty long since I settled on TweetLogix and have not looked at any others, but I'd love to know! 

Anyway, below I've posted some screenshots of  a few themes that I created. I have shared them all on Twitter whenever I create a theme, (which also automatically adds the hashtag #TweetlogixThemes to the post),.
I post them just in case someone may like one? lol. 

In case it's not obvious when you view the few I've posted, I really like the color pink :::grin:::. but I plan to try out alternative color schemes now and share whatever I come up with. So if you follow me on Twitter, you'll be able to view and use them. Cool right? LoL 

Oh below is the link to the TweetLogix app on the iOS AppStore and the website for anyone that wants to check it out.  

(Links should open in new window)

Thanks for Looking! :-) 

my latest theme