Saturday, December 24, 2016

Twitter User Names....HELP!

Twitter IconSo I was wondering if I was the only one who has trouble with “Twitter”? 
Not that I don't understand it's purpose or how to use it for the most part. I do. 

What I have trouble with, is when I want to post something about a specific show, person or subject, I always have to look up the person/show/etc user name in order to include it in the post and hopefully make it easy for them to view it….or easier anyway. 

 I understand the whole #hashtag thing and my basic understanding is that you can pretty much turn anything into a hashtag…. But in order to make it into a popular hashtag category, we need to use ones that many others are using right? Otherwise it’s just an obsolete message that basically never gets read by anyone other than your followers or people who mistakenly found it. 
 I don’t know about others but I I can’t remember everyone’s username and looking them up every single time is quite tedious in my opinion. So what's the secret? 
 I understand that I could follow people but even putting them on a list only shows a feed of tweets written by the people you have added to the list. It's  not a list of the actual user names which seems logical in my opinion or at least there should be a way to access this info right? 
Is there a way to access just the user names of the people you added to certain lists or you want to include in your tweet without having to hunt for it? 
Just curious.
Yeah I'm a dork lol.