Sunday, January 8, 2017

Airport Shooting Preventable?

The shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport is heartbreaking and my heart goes out to the victims and their families, along with everyone there traumatized by this horrible (preventable?) incident. 

I have to say I'm concerned about how our government handles certain situations like this and I have relatives and friends living in Florida whom I visit, which means I could have been in that airport. 
I honestly had no idea that you could check weapons and ammo in as baggage and so it does frighten me a bit more to travel. 

So from what I've learned in the news is that this could have all been prevented. This man (a vet in Iraq) supposedly went directly to the FBI offices 2 MONTHS BEFORE ATTACK claiming he was hearing voices telling him to join Isis and he had already had a few previous problems with police coming to his home for domestic violence issues. So violent background, owns a gun, possible mental issues from war, and is basically by going directly to the FBI he is asking for help in my opinion. 
They evaluate him for 4 days and let him go. They take his gun and give it back a month later. 

I may be crazy but I think with all this talk of trying to stop violent attacks and terrorism, that maybe either keep him longer than FOUR DAYS? Maybe keep an eye on him? Or at the very least…add to no-fly list or at the very least, if he does travel, keep an eye on him and don't allow him a gun during travel??? I don't know honestly but it feels like more could have been done. He hand delivered himself to our government and we did nothing. We are too busy spying on grandma talking to her grandkids and other useless junk while a legitimate threat came right to their door and they couldn't see this tragedy in the works!?!? 
These poor people who should have never been in this situation, lost their lives for what??? Pure laziness by our government. They couldn't be bothered. This guy did everything but announce his actual plans step by step but all the signs were there in my opinion.
Biff and Trump  
This, along with so many other violent crimes going on are just growing. Kids of all races are getting bullied more because they believe it's allowed now with Trump and it should not be this way. 
We are divided as a country and it won't get better unless we can unite. 9/11 was a horrific act but we came together and it's all being undone. 
Is this Trumps idea of Making America Great Again”??? It feels more like “Back to the Future II” where Biff was king, living in his big casino while the rest of the world was in ruins. That movie predicted Trumps reign and it wasn't pretty.  

Is this what we can look forward to??? It's sure heading that way.
America needs to come together again and make a difference toward positive change, not allow ourselves to be moved backward.