Friday, January 6, 2017

Making America Hate Again?

Okay it's a new year and I can honestly say that I'm not excited. I'm nervous. 

First of all, instead of HOPE, 2017 brought us a president elect named TRUMP and this is how he greeted his country in the new year:

Yep that's a "Tweet" (Yes the president elect has so much free time that he is easily able to feed his Twitter addiction night or day and can't seem to keep from posting his every thought, nice or not). 
In case you dont see, it's, not to bring the country together in the new year or put us at ease, but instead it's to thumb his nose at us and brag about winning the election again. 

What was wrong with just Happy New Year??? 
This guy making fun of Americans is supposed to lead and protect us??? How can we not be worried? Why isn't everyone worried??? 
This is only ONE of the numerous tweets Trump "shared" and apparently Twitter will be the main form of communication he uses to address the public. So better learn how to use it or you may miss when WWIII begins. 

Okay so anyway.....
This is just a continuation of what's been happening for awhile now and it's enough, really! 
This man couldn't even pretend to care or try during the holidays, where we should all be coming together. What does that tell you? 

I've never been into politics but I've learned more about politics in the last year than in my entire life. I suppose that's good in a way because I believe in always trying to learn more about things and knowledge is power. 
However, I've never been so nervous for our country in my entire life and I don't want to live in fear. Granted, I don't know every aspect of our government and I know it would be a huge task to learn it all but I'm trying.

The problem is….the more I learn, the worse I feel. I can't believe how much crap is just fine with the American people. When do we say “Enough Already!!!”??? How much more do we need to be shown because the REAL info is overwhelming.

The problem is that the people who have the platform to speak, are probably afraid to after this crooked, petty man won the election. 
With good reason in my opinion. Look at Edward Snowden (and Aaron Swartz R.I.P.). 
Not just them either. I see so many people becoming afraid of losing many freedoms we have when Trump is officially president. Our country shouldn't have to be afraid, but we are and it's real. Comedians are worried! He is even threatning our laughter. 

We have no idea what is coming and that is scary! If what we've already seen hasn't been enough to make any changes than that is not good. 
This video showing Trump extremely clueless is funny until you stop and realize it's the truth and not funny anymore. 

I so wish that was the worst of it and that there is nothing more, but it's just the tip of the iceberg and not even close to the amount of negative vibes coming from "this man".

I tried having an open mind, I really did, but it's just not possible. Every day there is something new to wreak havok on the nervous system and baffle the mind.

There is also news that instead of attempting to adjust or fix ObamaCare, he plans to just eliminate it completely and take away all our health care (unless your wealthy and can afford anything of course), giving us nothing to go on, that may suggest any form of replacement! 
All because he dislikes President Obama and just wants to try and erase his entire existence as president by undoing anything Obama had worked on, such as ObamaCare.

He talks and talks and talks but says nothing. Yet all these people still support him because he is "different". 
I got news for those people though. Donald doesn't like "different" and has made it VERY clear with each and every American he has ridiculed or insulted for being "different" from his ideals. 
Meaning non-white, female (mainly ones he finds unattractive at least and the rest are for his pleasure, INLUDING his own daughter) poor, disabled, gay, lesbian, transgendered, Muslim, Mexican,  etc..... oh and anyone who disagrees with or insults him. 

He is hugely supported by the KKK and other Hate groups as hate crimes are on the rise in the name of Trump. Childten are getting bullied even more now in schools, destroying all the anti-bullying work that's been done the last few years to protect our kids.

He says whatever he thinks he needs to at the time, which means a lot of back and forth flip-flopping, making it so he appears to offer no solid opinion of his own, other than his childish ones used to attack others (who are, but not limited to, Americans). If we can't go to our own president for support than what do we need him for???
The sad part is that it's all recorded for the world to see and consistently brought up, but his supporters remain in denial. He is not making America Great Again, he is dividing America. He is a selfish, vain, hateful man with the temperament of a child and along with him, hatred, racism and violence follow (among other things) and we are letting this happen. Why?!?! 
Maybe we just don't know what to do. I wish I knew, but we don't have to be okay with it, right? 

A new president should bring at the very least, hope, happiness maybe, but absolutely not fear. They should be taking steps to move our country forward and build on what previous leaders started, not destroy it because they dislike someone and just because they can. That sounds like abuse of power to me. 

Are people really okay that he is moving us (America) backwards, planning to take away our freedoms and rights that we fought so hard to get while simply undoing all the progress we've made so far or do they just not see it??? 

Yeah it's all funny until it's not. 

Great video a friend just showed me from YouTube 👍🏼