Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oh No!!

OH NO!!!! 
Ok so I was told I couldn't get a refil of my medication for pain until January 21st. Yikes!! 
Immediately I'm thinking of Trump being sworn in on the 20th and say to the woman on the phone "Great! Right after the inauguration, Are you sure I can't get it on the 19th?" She just laughs in a sort of Sad-ish I'm sorry kind of way and says "No, I'm sorry.". She knew what I was thinking. 

It's sad that I have to worry about losing my healthcare AT ALL. Unfortunately that world will be our reality soon and it's not funny at all. 
MAYBE if they gave us a hint toward what will replace our healthcare then we could relax but it just seems to be all about hate right now. Trumps hatred toward Obama....and that is all that matters. To hell with the rest of us. 

Last thing....
About FL airport shooter
They say he should get the death penalty and I might agree IF, he didn't hand deliver himself to the FBI 2 months prior to shooting, claiming he was having psychological problems and hearing voices pointing him toward terroristic activities!!! HE WAS TELLING THEM HE COULD BE A THREAT!!!! 

They use people to fight thier wars then abandon them once they become no longer useful to them. Why is this okay again???