Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Destroying America

 January 24th 2017 
First of our RIGHTS being taken one by one.


Sorry but I must rant....after seeing article about Trump already taking away our rights. I wrote this rather quickly so forgive my errors. 
(You can see it by clicking link)


Seriously what is wrong with people? This guy is taking away our rights!
Rights that women fought for years to get!! 
and then planning to take funding away from Planned Parenthood because he's too stupid to understand that Planned Parenthood is not about abortions!! 

He needs to cut funding so he can reward his RICH BUDDIES!
(Sorry if you believed he was going to use the money to help the middle or poor class, although he will use it to keep us average people down and struggling.)

People don't seem to understand that Planned Parenthood is not about abortion, it's about providing REAL HELP and avoid unplanned pregnancy more than anything.
They have provided help to millions on family planning, pregnancy prevention, and women's health in general (like detecting breast cancer and other things!) to name JUST A FEW! 

Trump is an act 
People can't seriously believe that unwanted pregnancies will be decreased if you take away important services like this? 

Remember when teens used to give birth alone and then kill the child because they had nowhere to turn??? Well I hope you're ready for that again! Not to mention, Women and MEN no longer being provided free contraceptive care which I'm SURE Will suddenly stop them from wanting sex and getting women pregnant,., yeah! 

There really can't still be people that believe any of this is right or will help,! No longer able to access Planned Parenthood services for pregnancy prevention, diseases from unprotected sex, counselors for rape victims...etc... Will undoubtedly increase suicide rates as well.

Trump WILL destroy the affordable healthcare act (which is also known as ObamaCare), Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security and has some Americans believing that it will save them money and be replaced with something better but he is lying to EVERYONE! 
His REAL reason is because he simply dislikes Obama. So much so, that he is willing to make 20 to 30,000,000 people suffer and possibly die just to get revenge on Obama. What a pathetic little man Trump is. WHO DOES THIS TO A COUNTRY THEY SUPPOSEDLY CARE ABOUT??? NO ONE!!'

But surprisingly even more disgusting than that, he needs the money so that he can give tax breaks to his billionaires friends and please his rich cabinet picks....NOT US AVERAGE PEOPLE ....BILLIONARES! 

And if you don't believe it just check out his cabinet pics who apparently do not need to know ANYTHING about the departments they will be running, they just need to be rich. 

Are there seriously people that believed he was going to help anyone but his own people???   Don't take my word for it though, you could check it out yourself! Just watch the hearings to see how clueless each pic is about the department they will be running. 

Oh and in case you missed it, he said it out loud, on camera, that he would be specifically giving tax breaks to all his fellow billionaire friends. When is anyone going to actually listen to this man or at least....AT THE VERY LEAST....Just research the things he says and educate yourself on our government and you will see that yeah he speaks in terms you can understand but unfortunately they are all cons. He relies on his supporters taking his word. 

Obama gets no credit 
Last but not least, you may not like Obama but if you also research the state of our country when Obama became president you'd understand why he aged so quickly!!
 He was handed our country in one of the worst possible conditions it could have ever been in and he improved MANY things with little to no credit.....nor will he be credited for anything he has done for us until possibly long long long after he's gone and that's a shame. Trump had everyone believing Obama was the enemy so he could easily destroy every part of Obamas Legacy and all Obama cared about was saving Americas health. He stated publicly that he wouldn't care if the name was changed and parts of the health plan were fixed because he knows nothing is perfect when it is first created, he just wanted us to be okay. That's the way it should be with anything new.,..,you alter it, change things, improve upon others work until eventually you get something great.
You don't keep starting over!! Especially not because you want revenge! 

America needs to stop this fame whore from destroying us! He has no idea how to solve the worlds problems but he sure does enjoy making us think he can. Because he hopes no one will actually research and learn that he knows nothing. 

Yes he is like us when it comes to government and LIKE US...he also has no idea what to do. 

He doesn't care about government, he cares about being in the public eye, about being famous, about being above us all.
Trump couldn't even talk about anything CIA related After his inauguration because he was just too busy crying about pictures of the crowd and complaining about how many people came to worship him. But at least he has his priorities straight right???

Please stop relying on the fact that you can understand his words. We live in the Information Age so Research the truth!

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Here come more deaths from illegal unsafe abortions! 

Because only women need to be responsible for sex right???

Yeah that will help overpopulation and struggling moms! Take it away from women who can't afford it? 
Just like only billionaires need tax breaks right Donal Duck?!?!

The really sad part is that this whole anti-abortion deal will most likely effect a lot of teenage girls and the innocent babies they kill out of fear, AFTER they give birth to them all ALONE. Since the only help (Planned Parenthood) they could have had will be destroyed as well.  Hopefully it will not result in anymore teenage suicide.

I am not condoning nor condemning abortion but Planned Parenthood is NOT an abortion clinic. If anything, they've promoted more safe sex than any of these geniuses. 

Donate to Planned Parenthood and SAVE LIVES!