Friday, February 3, 2017

Ivanka Trump Dropped

I wrote an update to this post Feb 9th 2017 

So I would  love to blog about something new but unfortunately Trump makes it so damn hard to focus on anything but him, which is probably his whole point.
I believe he creates so much chaos in order to quickly move away from the previous problems, search as he did with showing his tax records. Notice how no one mentions them anymore??? I still want to see them though, don't you??? 

Every time I think that he is doing so awful that it will last a little while, he does something even more outrageous than the last thing. He barely makes his latest catastrophe last a day before he's onto something new.
Honestly it doesn't seem like he has the slightest clue what he is doing in the White House and doesn't seem to care, as long as it doesn't affect him of course.

So now his family is being caught in his web of hatred. Specifically his most beloved daughter Ivanka.

 I read that they dropped Ivanka Trump's clothing and accessory line from Nordstrom because they say it's not selling. 
However some seem to speculate that it is because of a boycott put out on anything by Trump family. Almost like they found a "loophole"!!! Which you'd think Donald would appreciate since it's his favorite thing to take advantage of.... aside from women.

The most surprising part of the article I read was not the content but the fact that it was reported by her Daddys absolute favorite news network..... Fox News, which he consistently praises against ALL OTHER networks (especially CNN) which he always claims to be FAKE NEWS because they actually comment on the truth which is almost always unflattering towards him. Although he is pretty much like that towards anyone or anything that does not praise him or conments on things he actually says or does. Unfortunately, in his case, he almost always exhibits terrible behaviour, yet can never own up to it even when it's caught on video and we can ALL see the truth. 

He loves Fox so much though, that he won't dare blame them. Its basically the only news network he has in his corner. Nordstrom however, is a different story.
If the products are not selling though, for whatever reason, then you cannot blame the store for removing them, right? 

Sadly, Donald will find a way I'm sure. I just can't wait to hear what it is. 
One thing you can be sure of, it will most definitely be posted on @realDonaldTrumpTwitter account.

On a side note,  I feel a bit bad for Ivanka after reading a different article about her and her husband working to stop an executive order "that would have overturned Obama-era enforcements of LGBT rights in the workplace, according to a Politico report."
So it seems she is trying to reign daddy in a bit. Link to that article: