Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump & American Taxpayer Money?

Okay so on a previous post about Ivanka Trump, I felt slightly bad for Ivanka when her clothing and accessories line was dropped from Nordstom (and now MANY MANY other retailers off and online)....
Then I found out that on her labels, right under her name, it says "MADE IN CHINA". After all the crap her daddy spewed about China taking our jobs...ect... Uhhhh seems a bit hypocritical. So no I no longer feel bad for her. 
Not to mention "daddy" used his presidential influence to call out Nordstrom in a tweet saying they are being unfair to his daughter & it's retweeted on his @POTUS account that SHOULD definitely be separated from Trump's PERSONAL or FAMILY BUSINESS, proving the point that he needs to completely divest from HIS businesses, not offer his sons as the new owners which nobody believes anyway,,,, since it's obviously not possible to separate himself from his businesses.

Apparently, Around $100,000 of AMERICAN taxpayers money was used on Eric Trump,to pay for him to attend a BUSINESS meeting (in Uruguay I believe?). Why is America paying for buisness trips pertaining to the Trump businesses that he supposedly has nothing to do with anymore??? 

This family is wasting more money on themselves than other presidents used on ACTUAL Americans behalf. 
It cost AT LEAST $500,00 A DAY for the "so called" First Lady Milania to stay in NYC instead of the Whitehouse and she apparently plans to NEVER move there. 
Then she sues a news company (and wins) for falsely accusing her of being an escort at one time. She claimed that this ruined her reputation, thereby also hurting her huge opportunites in this rare position of First Lady, to make LOTS OF MONEY selling things. Since she will have the advantage as one of the most highly photographed women in America (maybe the world? Who knows!) for at least the next few years.  
Ruining her chances to make lots of cash on her presidential status???!!!! Seriously??? 

It's so unbelievably obvious that anyone in the Trump family sees the presidency as nothing more than another investment in themselves and their cash flow (or in Donald's rather than an opportunity to help our country. The only individuals they care to help, other than themselves of course, are the other greedy hogs who are already rich

I'm sorry, lotsa venting by me lately. I'm so not loving politics but this scares me.
Most people don't even seem to understand why they like him either....uuggghhh! 

Anyway, I have been reading the news daily (ALL DIFFERENT REPUTABLE SOURCES NOT JUST ONE) and I didn't save where I received most of the info I posted here so you can either research it yourself or just go by my account here. If I find the sources I will post them but my friend is very sick so it's not my priority right now, just needed to vent.