Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bring IMDB Boards Back! [sign petition]

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I don't know exactly why but someone made the decision to remove, IMO,  one of the MOST USEFUL features on the IMDB.COM Website. 


So some brilliant person created this petition to bring it back and I feel it's worth spreading around, in order to get as many signatures as I possibly can! 

I've been using IMDB for as long as I can remember and the message boards have always been a HUGE reasons I have relied on that site for so long. 

Aside from the obvious reasons like the unique social interaction among many other people who have viewed the EXACT SAME  film or TV show as you have and can share experiences, the IMDB message boards provided a place unlike any other site in the entertainment field.
 From what I can remember, the site said they were removing the message board feature because they claimed that it was one of the more useless features of their website which couldn't be farther from the truth.
 I also searched the web and found that many many many other users felt the same way I do, which is how I found this petition asking them to return the message boards. 

 My reasons are simple….
Whenever I was confused about a specific movie/show, or didn't understand or quite get a specific scene, plot, (or even more often) a movie or tv show ending, among other things...I knew I could go directly to the specific shows IMDB page and there was always someone on the message board with either the same questions I had or some really good answers to my questions from others who had watched the same thing. Even better was when others had completely different perspectives about certain things that I would have never thought of on my own or even things I completely missed when I watched.

Over the years movies have become somewhat more complicated in an effort to try and surprise viewers or change things up and although I appreciate the efforts, more often than not,it doesn't always provide the best results.
Lately (the last few years....probably much longer), and this may make me sound silly, but I have to admit that there have been too many movie endings leaving me confused or just completely lost (TV shows also, but mostly films) and sometimes just plain disappointed, but I was ALWAYS thankful that I never had to sit and wonder whether it was just me or if there were others that felt just as confused or disappointed as I was. 
Immediately I headed straight to IMDB where every movie or show has their own page with their own message board for anything I was viewing and couldn't wait to read through others thoughts and opinions on it. The fact that each message board was SPECIFICALLY for that particular movie, show, etc was what made it so unique and perfect since you know everyone on that board would only be discussing the show you wanted to know about so no need to search for a specific topic in a mess of other stuff…..aside from the occasional troll or childish user but the benefits of the individual boards completely outweigh the few negative users by far.

I learned so much more from other viewers on the message boards than ever before! I often found answers about scenes I didn't get or initially interpreted wrong and most importantly, I found explanations about why certain shows/movies ended the way they did or at the very least, I found others opinions on what THEY thought an ending meant, which was sometimes even better….sometimes others just thought it was as stupid as I thought it was. In any case, I was just happy to be able to find others who watched the same thing and have so many different views instantly within reach. 
Yeah some shows didn't have boards that were very active but even those were nice because YOU could post on it just to get your thoughts or questions out. Movies are basically timeless, so even years later, some user could read and respond to your post, and actually answer something you still possibly wondered about that happen!). 
How could any movie or tv enthusiast  think that this was a useless feature?

They tried to steer everyone to their Facebook page to replace the message boards on the website, but if they think that it's  the same, then they never really understood why their sites message boards were  special to begin with. 
It was the INDIVIDUAL boards, for each INDIVIDUAL page, for each show, movie, actor, etc that made the whole site work well together.
Creating a post on a single Facebook page, hoping someone out there who watched the same thing might find your post in a sea of completely miscellaneous and random posts AND RESPOND….is almost pointless unless it's a huge the popular thing at that exact time and even then….ehhhh! 

Please bring those message boards back to 🙏 sign the petition 🔥

Thank you for reading!!