Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Sometimes….not always, but sometimes, I wish I could be truly  anonymous. Yeah I know it doesn’t make sense and I'm sure that one of the Imaginary two people who are reading this is thinking, "Wow this chick is stupid" or maybe something even more sad like, "Aww, this girl is just really sad and Im so glad I'm me right now and not her". 
See, now that one I can get on board with! Some stranger feeling happy, if even for just a moment, that they are who they are and that’s not bad. I'd share my misery any time if It actually made someone else love themselves or feel good inside. 

Okay so back to my anonymous thing. 
Yes I know I'm technically "anonymous" and there are billions upon billions of people who will never know my name, never cross my path, never hear my voice, my whispers, my laugh or my tears. 
Never hear my thoughts, good or bad and never hear my dreams to and for the world….just as I'll never hear theirs.
For me, it's fine but this world keeps scaring me and It shouldn’t be that way. Our history was supposed to change us, make us better, but I feel as though it's all moving backwards and we're just watching it happen.
Did we really learn nothing?
I mean "white supremacists"??? Where are we?!?! What happened to the world that came together during 9/11??? Was that all an act? It couldn't have been and I refuse to believe it. 
For the first time ever, I'm embarrassed of my country. The president has more motive to destroy the previous presidents accomplishments than to create his own or even just attempt to fix what can be fixed. What Is this??? 

We are being led by a man who is taking all the American taxpayers  money for his own gain. He uses our money to make money for himself, as he splurges on lavish vacations all while our country falls apart. He hasn’t shown his tax records becausee he doesn’t want America to know he is broke and only ran for president to continue living his lies on someone else's dime. Ours!!! 

How many lies does he have to show his supporters? He spins his lies one after the other as they simultaneously play video proving he is lying! White supremacist or not, he is not like you, he is just living off of you and when everything you have is taken away from you, see if he will be there for you. I promise he will not. 

We all need to take back America. Unless you are the 1% billionaires of the country than start fighting for your country now…not when Trump bankrupts us all with his fairytale about good guys and bad guys.

No bank in America will loan to Trump. Why do you think that it??? 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

America Free Yourself! Knowledge Is Everywhere!

To all the spellcheckers our editors, don't bother, I did not check for grammatical mistakes. 

July 16th 2017 

So first of all I was watching an ad from Bernie Sanders campaign from 2016 and I have to say that I’m really sad he didn’t win. I posted the ad below from the TYT Network. I have also seen that Bernie has not given up even after losing the campaign. So it makes me EVEN MORE sad that he didn’t win. In my opinion he is genuinely the only opponent and possibly only American politician Who actually cares about Americans. ALL Of Americans. 
I honestly hope he runs again in 2020 because people like him are hard-to-find these days and that is truly sad. I mean the man continues to fight for us and he’s not even running. What more can you ask for? 
I don’t understand the country's need for someone who is not in politics such as Trump? Yes maybe politicians are crooked sometimes but not All of them and at least most understand the Constitution, rights, laws...etc...and attempt to abide by them unlike Trump.
Trump is more than obvious that he is in it for himself. What more proof do you need that Trump has NO desire to stand up for ALL Americans? Even when faced with video proof he continues to deny his deceit and we buy it?!?! What the hell are you getting for it? I mean if you're not a corporation or a billionaire?

I just wish people would do some more research on Trump other then just listening to him and the people he insists you listen to? There are BILLIONS of other resources out there. Honestly! 
This isn’t a fight about winning or losing, Democrats, Republicans, independent, liberals etc.
This is about doing what's best for the entire country as a whole. At least that's what I thought. 

Why are we trying so hard to continue to be divided? Do we really have that much hate inside of us that we cannot see common ground anymore, anywhere? Because if that's the case, then we all lose RIGHT NOW and there is no point. I don't want to be a part of that world and eventually, no one else will. 

So all we are doing is waiting for our demise and that's truly unfortunate. Does this REALLY make anyone happy? And if so, for how long? I am scared for our country and we should all be. Little by little our rights are being stripped without many people knowing about it, but why? 
If the only people left are billionaires, how long do you think it will be before they get bored and turn on each other? Why would you want to be a billionaire if you just like everyone else? You might as well be clones.
Then eventually, there will be someone there not as much of a billionaire as others and then what do you compare? Physical appearance? Strength? Popularity? It'll never be enough and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. 
Diversity is what makes life interesting. Why do people want to get rid of that? 
I'll never understand everything and I'll never pretend that I do, but I do know that even though I was dealt a rough hand, I still want to live and I love our world. I want to remain part of it for as long as I can, but since I am not a billionaire, I am thrown struggles, fights and roadblocks toward basic necessities over and over, by my own government, in what I can only assume is an attempt to wear me down so I'll give up and possibly kill myself. Saving the government more money to give to the wealthy. That is not living and not a life  I would want to continue, but I cannot deny my basic survival instinct either. 

Do you really want to be the country that inspires “giving up?” Or surrendering to those more powerful because it's easier? I don't. 

So I beg of you Americans, stop being bullied!!!
We have the Internet, books, and endless information resources….. educate yourselves and make informed choices. Don't let anyone tell you what is good for you, learn what is good and fight for it.
We are being deceived, but we can end it easily.
Please look around you and find the truth. Everyone is unique and everyone has opinions. Some may be the same as yours, some may not, but only knowledge can help you decide.                                                              

Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Dad Throws 1st Pitch at Cubs Game


Some happy news for a change ;-)
My dad got to have his dream come true when he got to throw out the first pitch at Thursdays Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago!!!
It was the San Francisco Giants against the Chicago Cubs on May 25, 2017
He has just written an autobiography that will be out soon but he has had an interesting life and this moment just shows his amazing spark at 86 years young. 
I'm so proud of him and can't wait to get the pro video from the Cubs. 

He received a standing ovation and even got his own personal Cubs uniform! 

YouTube Link for this video

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bring IMDB Boards Back! [sign petition]

**Click This Link to Sign Petition Please**

I don't know exactly why but someone made the decision to remove, IMO,  one of the MOST USEFUL features on the IMDB.COM Website. 


So some brilliant person created this petition to bring it back and I feel it's worth spreading around, in order to get as many signatures as I possibly can! 

I've been using IMDB for as long as I can remember and the message boards have always been a HUGE reasons I have relied on that site for so long. 

Aside from the obvious reasons like the unique social interaction among many other people who have viewed the EXACT SAME  film or TV show as you have and can share experiences, the IMDB message boards provided a place unlike any other site in the entertainment field.
 From what I can remember, the site said they were removing the message board feature because they claimed that it was one of the more useless features of their website which couldn't be farther from the truth.
 I also searched the web and found that many many many other users felt the same way I do, which is how I found this petition asking them to return the message boards. 

 My reasons are simple….
Whenever I was confused about a specific movie/show, or didn't understand or quite get a specific scene, plot, (or even more often) a movie or tv show ending, among other things...I knew I could go directly to the specific shows IMDB page and there was always someone on the message board with either the same questions I had or some really good answers to my questions from others who had watched the same thing. Even better was when others had completely different perspectives about certain things that I would have never thought of on my own or even things I completely missed when I watched.

Over the years movies have become somewhat more complicated in an effort to try and surprise viewers or change things up and although I appreciate the efforts, more often than not,it doesn't always provide the best results.
Lately (the last few years....probably much longer), and this may make me sound silly, but I have to admit that there have been too many movie endings leaving me confused or just completely lost (TV shows also, but mostly films) and sometimes just plain disappointed, but I was ALWAYS thankful that I never had to sit and wonder whether it was just me or if there were others that felt just as confused or disappointed as I was. 
Immediately I headed straight to IMDB where every movie or show has their own page with their own message board for anything I was viewing and couldn't wait to read through others thoughts and opinions on it. The fact that each message board was SPECIFICALLY for that particular movie, show, etc was what made it so unique and perfect since you know everyone on that board would only be discussing the show you wanted to know about so no need to search for a specific topic in a mess of other stuff…..aside from the occasional troll or childish user but the benefits of the individual boards completely outweigh the few negative users by far.

I learned so much more from other viewers on the message boards than ever before! I often found answers about scenes I didn't get or initially interpreted wrong and most importantly, I found explanations about why certain shows/movies ended the way they did or at the very least, I found others opinions on what THEY thought an ending meant, which was sometimes even better….sometimes others just thought it was as stupid as I thought it was. In any case, I was just happy to be able to find others who watched the same thing and have so many different views instantly within reach. 
Yeah some shows didn't have boards that were very active but even those were nice because YOU could post on it just to get your thoughts or questions out. Movies are basically timeless, so even years later, some user could read and respond to your post, and actually answer something you still possibly wondered about that happen!). 
How could any movie or tv enthusiast  think that this was a useless feature?

They tried to steer everyone to their Facebook page to replace the message boards on the website, but if they think that it's  the same, then they never really understood why their sites message boards were  special to begin with. 
It was the INDIVIDUAL boards, for each INDIVIDUAL page, for each show, movie, actor, etc that made the whole site work well together.
Creating a post on a single Facebook page, hoping someone out there who watched the same thing might find your post in a sea of completely miscellaneous and random posts AND RESPOND….is almost pointless unless it's a huge the popular thing at that exact time and even then….ehhhh! 

Please bring those message boards back to imdb.com 🙏 sign the petition 🔥

Thank you for reading!!

Women's Rights?!?!?!

 January 24th 2017 
First of our RIGHTS being taken one by one.

Sorry but I must rant....after seeing article titled:
(You can see it by clicking link)

Seriously what is wrong with people? This guy is taking away our rights!
Rights that women fought for years to get!! 
and then planning to take funding away from Planned Parenthood because he's too stupid to understand that Planned Parenthood is not about abortions!! 

He needs to cut funding so he can reward his RICH BUDDIES!
(Sorry if you believed he was going to use the money to help the middle or poor class, although he will use it to keep us average people down and struggling.)

People don't seem to understand that Planned Parenthood is not about abortion, it's about providing REAL HELP and avoid unplanned pregnancy more than anything.
They have provided help to millions on family planning, pregnancy prevention, and women's health in general (like detecting breast cancer and other things!) to name JUST A FEW! 

People can't seriously believe that unwanted pregnancies will be decreased if you take away important services like this? 

Remember when teens used to give birth alone and then kill the child because they had nowhere to turn??? Well I hope you're ready for that again! Not to mention, Women and MEN no longer being provided free contraceptive care which I'm SURE Will suddenly stop them from wanting sex and getting women pregnant,., yeah! 

There really can't still be people that believe any of this is right or will help,! No longer able to access Planned Parenthood services for pregnancy prevention, diseases from unprotected sex, counselors for rape victims...etc... Will undoubtedly increase suicide rates as well.

Trump WILL destroy the affordable healthcare act (which is also known as ObamaCare), Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security and has some Americans believing that it will save them money and be replaced with something better but he is lying to EVERYONE! 
His REAL reason is because he simply dislikes Obama. So much so, that he is willing to make 20 to 30,000,000 people suffer and possibly die just to get revenge on Obama. What a pathetic little man Trump is. WHO DOES THIS TO A COUNTRY THEY SUPPOSEDLY CARE ABOUT??? NO ONE!!'

But surprisingly even more disgusting than that, he needs the money so that he can give tax breaks to his billionaires friends and please his rich cabinet picks....NOT US AVERAGE PEOPLE ....BILLIONARES! 

And if you don't believe it just check out his cabinet pics who apparently do not need to know ANYTHING about the departments they will be running, they just need to be rich. 

Are there seriously people that believed he was going to help anyone but his own people???   Don't take my word for it though, you could check it out yourself! Just watch the hearings to see how clueless each pic is about the department they will be running. 

Oh and in case you missed it, he said it out loud, on camera, that he would be specifically giving tax breaks to all his fellow billionaire friends. When is anyone going to actually listen to this man or at least....AT THE VERY LEAST....Just research the things he says and educate yourself on our government and you will see that yeah he speaks in terms you can understand but unfortunately they are all cons. He relies on his supporters taking his word. 

Last but not least, you may not like Obama but if you also research the state of our country when Obama became president you'd understand why he aged so quickly!!
 He was handed our country in one of the worst possible conditions it could have ever been in and he improved MANY things with little to no credit.....nor will he be credited for anything he has done for us until possibly long long long after he's gone and that's a shame. Trump had everyone believing Obama was the enemy so he could easily destroy every part of Obamas Legacy and all Obama cared about was saving Americas health. He stated publicly that he wouldn't care if the name was changed and parts of the health plan were fixed because he knows nothing is perfect when it is first created, he just wanted us to be okay. That's the way it should be with anything new.,..,you alter it, change things, improve upon others work until eventually you get something great.
You don't keep starting over!! Especially not because you want revenge! 

America needs to stop this fame whore from destroying us! He has no idea how to solve the worlds problems but he sure does enjoy making us think he can. Because he hopes no one will actually research and learn that he knows nothing. 

Yes he is like us when it comes to government and LIKE US...he also has no idea what to do. 

He doesn't care about government, he cares about being in the public eye, about being famous, about being above us all.
Trump couldn't even talk about anything CIA related After his inauguration because he was just too busy crying about pictures of the crowd and complaining about how many people came to worship him. But at least he has his priorities straight right???

Please stop relying on the fact that you can understand his words. We live in the Information Age so Research the truth!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We ALL MATTER!!! I am scared too


Second, We are UNITED or at least should be.

So I haven't written in a few (days?). So much has happened though, I hardly know where to begin. 
First and most importantly, Trump rolled out his new and improved health care plan (which sadly, I am sure he didn't read). From what I can understand so far, I will be pretty much screwed by this new plan and must think of whether I would like to die by government or by my own hand. Something I never thought I would even dream of thinking about. 

I don't know if this health care plan will be passed or not, but since the Republicans pretty much rule everything, I should sadly expect the worst, but I will continue to  hope for the best. I still can't grasp the fact that “this man” is getting away with all the awful things he is doing to our country and our people. I always assumed (yes I know stupidly) that the government was protected from this sort of thing but it seems that with enough money, you really can get away with anything
I know more about government now than I have ever known in my entire life and I still have no idea what I could do to change anything happening to myself and other Americans… Or what could happen to us. I am not a millionaire, not even close and feel basically helpless to the situation happening right now. This cannot be true....can it??? 

I don't hold anyone who voted for Trump responsible. How could I? I'm sure they believed that they were doing the right thing voting for him. At least those who are being harmed as well right now by his actions. They wanted a change and thought this was the way. Just like me, they had no idea what the future held. 
To those who will benefit from Trump’s rise and actions, I am sure you can live with yourselves and sleep well at night, since it will be no worse for you. Actually, it will benefit you greatly. So you won technically.  

Unfortunately, as much as I have learned about the Government  the last few years, it is not enough to even begin to stop or slow down the demise of America are Keep even one American from being harmed by this heartless man and that just makes me truly sad. 
I have thought about suicide ever since the new healthcare has been announced, only because it would be the last thing I would have control in. Destroying myself before the government did it for me. 
Yet I've learned over the years that when faced with the choice, death is not the usual route one would take. The survival instinct is strong…especially within me. You just don't know until your faced with it. 
However, if I find that my survival instinct was not strong enough, I would happily turn any donations toward another, more useful person or service….but right now, I really wish to live.
I really hate that I rely on the things that Trump deems unnecessary in his new health care plan and without them, I will surely be dead because I was injured too young but I've learned so much since.

I was injured as many are, without choice, in an auto accident where I was the passenger, and that would fall under “pre-existing conditions”. I also rely on Medicaid which will become a “luxury” in this new health care plan. Unfortunately I am not wealthy and therefore I also do not qualify for a tax break either so there is nothing for me but misery in this new plan. 

I have tried to work after I was injured but was penalized for it. I would rather work if possible, but unless I earn a tremendous amount, I cannot cover what it cost to keep me alive. 
I cannot own anything when I need the Government to keep me alive. So I have attempted to start a “Go Fund Me” Account in the hopes that it can find help from others who can afford to give a little, but have not been able to overcome my pride in asking for money so have held off. The future under Trump still scares me though.

My fear may be premature but with no known cure to spinal cord injury and my parents nearing an age where they will be incapable of any help to me, much less to themselves…maybe you can understand? Maybe not? 

I believe if I was wealthy enough, I could survive but that is not the case. 
Do you think I believed I would be injured and care about health insurance as I was growing up? Never, not once, but it happened anyway and it happens to many of us, no matter how confident we are
I may be injured but my injury has no prejudice. It can and will touch anyone it pleases at any moment. Then you will need others and it is not pleasant. Your robbed of your independence, your pride and your left with few choices. You accept the help you need as you rebuild your life or you allow yourself to die. 

May seem easy now but you have no idea how strong the will to survive is until it is looking you straight in the face begging to do whatever it takes to go on. 
Sure, I've heard many say “oh I would kill myself if that happened to me!” ….I've probably even said it myself before. When the choice comes however, it's usually the last thing you'd want. 
You'll never know though, unless faced with it and hopefully you or anyone you love never will. I wish harm on no one.

Anyway, the main point of my post is to find an answer to why this is allowed to continue in this country. Why is this man allowed to so easily undo all the progress we had fought for over the years? Is it all so easy to be undone? Then why fight at all if one clueless man can whisk it away with the stroke of a pen???
Is this what so many have died for? Is this what we had in mind when the Constitution was put in place? Is it this easy?

Then Trump posts tweets "celebrating" the death of many americans like myself. How does he not see the damage he is doing? The protests? The hatred he has created? 
We had come so far only to be taken backwards in an instant because the people were/are uninformed or could be easily swayed by anyone with enough gold. I don't blame all the Trump voters. I feel they were also mislead and are victims with others. 

We should all be protected in our true best interests and should all be well informed before elections, not just those who actively seek truth. 

This is not our government though. We have been turned to lies, tricks and highest bidders controlling information. This is not equal, not right or fair for any of us and if it continues….we are all doomed. That will be equal.

I'm just one person but I matter, just like every other American and should be able to make a difference. Don't let us move backwards, fight to keep going forward. Believe in each other and make a stand for our country. Together, we can change anything. Divided we can do nothing. 
I try to follow every news source possible, both bad and good alike. PLEASE INFORM YOURSELVES and help others. It's what we do as Americans & should continue.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump & American Taxpayer Money?

Okay so on a previous post about Ivanka Trump, I felt slightly bad for Ivanka when her clothing and accessories line was dropped from Nordstom (and now MANY MANY other retailers off and online)....
Then I found out that on her labels, right under her name, it says "MADE IN CHINA". After all the crap her daddy spewed about China taking our jobs...ect... Uhhhh seems a bit hypocritical. So no I no longer feel bad for her. 
Not to mention "daddy" used his presidential influence to call out Nordstrom in a tweet saying they are being unfair to his daughter & it's retweeted on his @POTUS account that SHOULD definitely be separated from Trump's PERSONAL or FAMILY BUSINESS, proving the point that he needs to completely divest from HIS businesses, not offer his sons as the new owners which nobody believes anyway,,,, since it's obviously not possible to separate himself from his businesses.

Apparently, Around $100,000 of AMERICAN taxpayers money was used on Eric Trump,to pay for him to attend a BUSINESS meeting (in Uruguay I believe?). Why is America paying for buisness trips pertaining to the Trump businesses that he supposedly has nothing to do with anymore??? 

This family is wasting more money on themselves than other presidents used on ACTUAL Americans behalf. 
It cost AT LEAST $500,00 A DAY for the "so called" First Lady Milania to stay in NYC instead of the Whitehouse and she apparently plans to NEVER move there. 
Then she sues a news company (and wins) for falsely accusing her of being an escort at one time. She claimed that this ruined her reputation, thereby also hurting her huge opportunites in this rare position of First Lady, to make LOTS OF MONEY selling things. Since she will have the advantage as one of the most highly photographed women in America (maybe the world? Who knows!) for at least the next few years.  
Ruining her chances to make lots of cash on her presidential status???!!!! Seriously??? 

It's so unbelievably obvious that anyone in the Trump family sees the presidency as nothing more than another investment in themselves and their cash flow (or in Donald's rather than an opportunity to help our country. The only individuals they care to help, other than themselves of course, are the other greedy hogs who are already rich

I'm sorry, lotsa venting by me lately. I'm so not loving politics but this scares me.
Most people don't even seem to understand why they like him either....uuggghhh! 

Anyway, I have been reading the news daily (ALL DIFFERENT REPUTABLE SOURCES NOT JUST ONE) and I didn't save where I received most of the info I posted here so you can either research it yourself or just go by my account here. If I find the sources I will post them but my friend is very sick so it's not my priority right now, just needed to vent.