Sunday, March 11, 2018

Scared to Live/Die

Watching things like the Hulu Original series,  The Handmaid’s Tale is really scary since it’s way too close to what could be reality

My favorite kind of horror show, by the way,  because it’s something that could really happen ANYWHERE. What’s scarier than that? Not much in my opinion. 

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommenf it, but definitely start from the beginning and  try not to find out too much on what it’s all about before watching. If you don’t get hooked by the first episode then it’s probably not for you.

(Note: I wouldn’t recommend children watching!  It will objectify women in severely disturbing ways and definitely contains mature subject matter)

It’s a Hulu Original series that won a few well deserved awards. It’s about ...well...putting women back in their place, so to speak. Whether they want it or not. It’s awful, unthinkable and sadly a reality that I believe too many people wouldn’t mind. Not most women probably... hopefully?

The worst part is that a lot of “rules” (laws?) from the show are actually occurring today. Just not all in one place. I really hope not anyway

I bring this up because I’m currently going through a few “new laws” that are making me feel cornered, helpless, and just plain powerless to change. 

I love life and as difficult as it’s been for me lately, I always choose life, yet I feel I’m being forced to rethink that and it scares me. If it were up to me, I’d live forever or at least as long as I can appreciate all my life has to offer somehow.
I wake up EVERY DAY and find ANYTHING to hold on to. Anything that will make me say “okay THAT is enough to live for!”. 

However, others keep challenging that and making each day more difficult. 
 I wish I knew.

So if you have a choice and you can live well enough, than do it. Be safe, be happy and fight until you can’t. 
You never know when your choices will be taken from you. 

I didn’t

I’ve never really worried unless I had to. It makes life less stressful. 
Unfortunately you can’t always control everything or  ignore the signs that keep smacking you in the face.
I tried.
I really did.

Life just wouldn’t allow it any longer. 

The whole staus of the world scares me lately. 
Actually no that’s not true, it’s scared me ever since Trump ran for president and it felt like I was the only one who KNEW he would win. 
I so wished I was wrong.

I honestly never understood REAL hatred, racism, greed, intolerance and ignorance UNTIL Trump took office. 
It felt like he all but abolished common decency while making the most unacceptable ugliness in people seem, not just okay, but almost commendable.  

What is happening? 

Is this the new “normal” now? Where we praise inquality and injustice? 
We celebrate intolerance and give power to hypocrites? 

If so, than that is just SAD and we probably won’t be around long. 

Great Quote

I don’t know Who said these quotes exactly, but I like them

The Handmaid's Tale on HULU:

Friday, March 9, 2018

Apple Devices Forced Updates

Apple iPhone
I’ve been having numerous problems with my iPhone 6s (plus) lately. It freezes up constantly. The keyboard decides when it wants to show up. The keyboard decides to type whatever it feels like instead of what YOU want to type (like maybe one letter only, repeatedly, no matter what key you press). It stops registering clicks but home button still works sort of. More things too, but worst is this last one.
The screen sort of flickers/flashes/ blacks out then comes back on and off randomly or when trying to access other open windows and such, which makes everything impossible to use. For instance, whenever a button is attempted to be pressed on the phone, it blacks out instead. Making it temporarily unusable basically.

That last one is actually the most common with mine (and other friends) apple devices. 

Note: When saying APPLE devices, I mean iPads, iPhones and iPod touch’s mainly (and NOT jail broken). 

I understand my iPhone 6s may be considered old by now but I’m still sort of financing it, so it shouldn’t be this bad least I seriously hope not.
 Mine is a 64gb with a decent amount of free space left. It’s never been abused, dropped or anything. No obvious reasons for glitches, except maybe one….

I’ve had a few of these in my life and Apple has this REALLY annoying habit of basically harassing you with notices that pop up on your screen until you update. They interrupt things by popping up while your physically using the device, like in the middle of typing or clicking things. 
 This makes the chances of accidentally clicking on the button that makes it install immediately, MUCH higher. I know this because I’ve done it a few times and once clicked, it cannot be stopped, nor is there any other pop up asking "if your sure you want to update" like most courteous apps, devices..etc.. may use.      

This, in my opinion, basically removes your choice of installing or not and offers no support for accidental clicks such as I described. I feel it’s bad enough that people like me who CHOOSE not to update right away will have to be tortured by Apple messages that NEVER STOP COMING

Okay so the one thing I know for sure is that my iPhone wasn’t having all these problems until I gave in and updated to iOS 11.2.6 just to stop Apples constant interruption. Now my previously  functioning iPhone is now a barely functiontioning, extremely frustrating nightmare. 

Sadly this isn't an isolated incident and has happened more than it should have.
Another instance.....
My FIRST iPad ever was given to me as a gift from my mom. I finally decided I wanted one when they came out with the iPad Mini because I thought the size was great and it was great ....until... the dreaded Apple update, but that one was much worse and went from completely black to completely dead. 
Still fairly new, previously working great, expensive enough to begin with and bought straight from, the best they could do was offer to SELL ME a new one for a ridiculously insane price. 
How generous of them to try and make more money off someone when it was ABSOLUTELY the APPLE update that destroyed it since it was working just perfect before installing it. There are others which I’ll spare you the details on. 

I’ve only stuck with Apple because most were gifts from family…etc..that I could never afford otherwise and because of the cost of the apps I’d already purchased, but I’m beginning to believe it’s not worth it any longer. 
Apple forces its users to update or your device pretty quickly becomes unusable. I can’t afford to keep up with a new Apple device every year or so. I just need something reliable for once. 

Ahh well, needed to vent and tired of being ripped off. 

Rant over for now I suppose. 


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Just the night...

I wish I could say what I feel. 
It's either sad, inappropriate, mean, or just plain wrong to a group of people. 
I try to be honest.I dont judge those who need me. I feel guilty when I'm wrong or hurt someone, but that doesn't earn me the right to receive any of that back. I get that.

I know the world won't change in a moment, but we can try. I can try.

Maybe that will matter, someway, somehow, somewhere? 

One can always hope! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tax Cuts Reality

So everyone is happy about those tax cuts, but I wonder how many people know that for “the acverage American”, these tax cuts are only TEMPORARY.  
Those rich 1% however, will continue to receive tax cuts in definitely. 
America is in huge debt from this and guess what will be cut off soon, in order to pay back that debt????

HEALTH CARE of course! 

Yep Trump finally succeeded in getting rid of that pesky healthcare that so many of us rely on. The “ACA” (American care act AKA ObamaCare) will finally be gone. 
He had to be sneaky by pretending we were all getting some great tax cut in order to achieve this goal, but sadly Americans keep falling for his ridiculous charade that Mr Donald Trump actually cares about anyone but billionaires! WTH is going on in this country??? 

I just don’t understand how we are letting him get away with this over and over again? 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Sometimes….not always, but sometimes, I wish I could be truly  anonymous. Yeah I know it doesn’t make sense and I'm sure that one of the Imaginary two people who are reading this is thinking, "Wow this chick is stupid" or maybe something even more sad like, "Aww, this girl is just really sad and Im so glad I'm me right now and not her". 
See, now that one I can get on board with! Some stranger feeling happy, if even for just a moment, that they are who they are and that’s not bad. I'd share my misery any time if It actually made someone else love themselves or feel good inside. 

Okay so back to my anonymous thing. 
Yes I know I'm technically "anonymous" and there are billions upon billions of people who will never know my name, never cross my path, never hear my voice, my whispers, my laugh or my tears. 
Never hear my thoughts, good or bad and never hear my dreams to and for the world….just as I'll never hear theirs.
For me, it's fine but this world keeps scaring me and It shouldn’t be that way. Our history was supposed to change us, make us better, but I feel as though it's all moving backwards and we're just watching it happen.
Did we really learn nothing?
I mean "white supremacists"??? Where are we?!?! What happened to the world that came together during 9/11??? Was that all an act? It couldn't have been and I refuse to believe it. 
For the first time ever, I'm embarrassed of my country. The president has more motive to destroy the previous presidents accomplishments than to create his own or even just attempt to fix what can be fixed. What Is this??? 

We are being led by a man who is taking all the American taxpayers  money for his own gain. He uses our money to make money for himself, as he splurges on lavish vacations all while our country falls apart. He hasn’t shown his tax records becausee he doesn’t want America to know he is broke and only ran for president to continue living his lies on someone else's dime. Ours!!! 

How many lies does he have to show his supporters? He spins his lies one after the other as they simultaneously play video proving he is lying! White supremacist or not, he is not like you, he is just living off of you and when everything you have is taken away from you, see if he will be there for you. I promise he will not. 

We all need to take back America. Unless you are the 1% billionaires of the country than start fighting for your country now…not when Trump bankrupts us all with his fairytale about good guys and bad guys.

No bank in America will loan to Trump. Why do you think that it??? 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

America Free Yourself! Knowledge Is Everywhere!

To all the spellcheckers our editors, don't bother, I did not check for grammatical mistakes. 

July 16th 2017 

So first of all I was watching an ad from Bernie Sanders campaign from 2016 and I have to say that I’m really sad he didn’t win. I posted the ad below from the TYT Network. I have also seen that Bernie has not given up even after losing the campaign. So it makes me EVEN MORE sad that he didn’t win. In my opinion he is genuinely the only opponent and possibly only American politician Who actually cares about Americans. ALL Of Americans. 
I honestly hope he runs again in 2020 because people like him are hard-to-find these days and that is truly sad. I mean the man continues to fight for us and he’s not even running. What more can you ask for? 
I don’t understand the country's need for someone who is not in politics such as Trump? Yes maybe politicians are crooked sometimes but not All of them and at least most understand the Constitution, rights, laws...etc...and attempt to abide by them unlike Trump.
Trump is more than obvious that he is in it for himself. What more proof do you need that Trump has NO desire to stand up for ALL Americans? Even when faced with video proof he continues to deny his deceit and we buy it?!?! What the hell are you getting for it? I mean if you're not a corporation or a billionaire?

I just wish people would do some more research on Trump other then just listening to him and the people he insists you listen to? There are BILLIONS of other resources out there. Honestly! 
This isn’t a fight about winning or losing, Democrats, Republicans, independent, liberals etc.
This is about doing what's best for the entire country as a whole. At least that's what I thought. 

Why are we trying so hard to continue to be divided? Do we really have that much hate inside of us that we cannot see common ground anymore, anywhere? Because if that's the case, then we all lose RIGHT NOW and there is no point. I don't want to be a part of that world and eventually, no one else will. 

So all we are doing is waiting for our demise and that's truly unfortunate. Does this REALLY make anyone happy? And if so, for how long? I am scared for our country and we should all be. Little by little our rights are being stripped without many people knowing about it, but why? 
If the only people left are billionaires, how long do you think it will be before they get bored and turn on each other? Why would you want to be a billionaire if you just like everyone else? You might as well be clones.
Then eventually, there will be someone there not as much of a billionaire as others and then what do you compare? Physical appearance? Strength? Popularity? It'll never be enough and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. 
Diversity is what makes life interesting. Why do people want to get rid of that? 
I'll never understand everything and I'll never pretend that I do, but I do know that even though I was dealt a rough hand, I still want to live and I love our world. I want to remain part of it for as long as I can, but since I am not a billionaire, I am thrown struggles, fights and roadblocks toward basic necessities over and over, by my own government, in what I can only assume is an attempt to wear me down so I'll give up and possibly kill myself. Saving the government more money to give to the wealthy. That is not living and not a life  I would want to continue, but I cannot deny my basic survival instinct either. 

Do you really want to be the country that inspires “giving up?” Or surrendering to those more powerful because it's easier? I don't. 

So I beg of you Americans, stop being bullied!!!
We have the Internet, books, and endless information resources….. educate yourselves and make informed choices. Don't let anyone tell you what is good for you, learn what is good and fight for it.
We are being deceived, but we can end it easily.
Please look around you and find the truth. Everyone is unique and everyone has opinions. Some may be the same as yours, some may not, but only knowledge can help you decide.                                                              

Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Dad Throws 1st Pitch at Cubs Game


Some happy news for a change ;-)
My dad got to have his dream come true when he got to throw out the first pitch at Thursdays Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago!!!
It was the San Francisco Giants against the Chicago Cubs on May 25, 2017
He has just written an autobiography that will be out soon but he has had an interesting life and this moment just shows his amazing spark at 86 years young. 
I'm so proud of him and can't wait to get the pro video from the Cubs. 

He received a standing ovation and even got his own personal Cubs uniform! 

YouTube Link for this video